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How did birds and flight evolve among dinosaurs?

Since the discovery of feathers on dinosaurs in the 1990s, researchers have wondered, what were feathers doing on dinosaurs that didn't fly? How did birds and flight originate from these animals?

Recent discoveries in China of four-winged, gliding raptors and giant feathered tyrannosaurs that lived from 160 to 125 million years ago help explain how it all happened. Dinosaurs Take Wing: An Exhibition on the Origin of Flight in Birds presents feathery fossils that have never been exhibited in the U.S. and bring to life these ancient creatures  through colorful models and illustrations. 

Birds are dinosaurs. This has been established over the last two decades by overwhelming fossil evidence from China and elsewhere. But how exactly birds, feathers, and flight evolved among dinosaurs is a story that has yet to be told. This exhibition will present the latest thinking on how this complex process took place and the fossils that make the story clear. Many of these creatures are in an exquisite state, preserving bone, feathers, skin, even color. In addition to these extraordinary specimens, the exhibition centerpiece will be life-size models of two newly discovered tyrannosaurs engaged in a feathery courtship display.

Children marvel over dinosaurs and you will too when you see this exhibition. Take your guests back to prehistoric times with Dinosaurs Take Wing. Contact EDG today to learn more about this exhibition! 

Organized with Science Visualization and the Institute for Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Beijing, China


Prehistoric environment consisting of a Triassic period forest.

Fossils of rare four-winged and feathered dinosaurs, some of which were the first to reveal prehistoric color.

Rare casts of feathered dinosaurs and a creature that might be the earliest bird.

Engaging interactives that provide an informative, fun museum experience!

Life-size dinosaur models created by paleo-artist Gary Staab.

Dynamic artwork by leading Chinese paleo-artist Xing Lida.


  Amazing photography by National
  Geographic photographers.

  Minimum 7,500 square feet

  Beginning in 2013

  6 months

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Read about the largest feathered-dinosaur ever discovered!

Immersive environments

Hands-on physical interactives with real observation and experimentation

Hands-on contmeporary forensic tools

Interviews with leading historians and forensic scientists

A reward for a mystery well-solved

Conan Doyle Estate
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
Royal Surgeon's Hall Museum
Andersen Library - University of MN
Portsmouth Library

October 2013-2017

8,000 - 10,000 square feet

12 or 24 weeks

Contact EDG 651 222 1121


Tour Schedule Filling Fast!

Since being released at AAM 2012 in Maynearly half of the tour schedule for Sherlock Holmes: The Science of Deduction is filled! Don't miss your chance to channel your inner slueth.

Your guests learn skills needed to deduce facts from evidence and to solve crimes like the great Sherlock Holmes, famous literary character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Through interactive displays of the "most cutting-edge" technology of the 19th century and the tools of modern forensics, guests solve crimes as Holmes did. The exhibition also looks at the life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the impact Holmes, the most potrayed literary character in history, has had and continues to have on popular culture. Guests leave the exhibition having solved a brand new Sherlockian mystery, written specifically for this exhibition.

For more information about joing the tour schedule before it fills, contact EDG at 651 222 1121 or


Heavenly Jade of the Maya is endorsed by His Excellency, Francisco Villagrán de León, Amabassador of Guatemala to the United States. 

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Dr. Jean-Louis Etienne, leading French explorer, is available to speak at your institution! Dr. Etienne will begin a lecture tour with the help of the French Embassy of the U.S. in collaboration with EDG. He will speak of the experiences he endured while exploring the most treacherous of terrains in both polar regions, in the Himalayas and also his time spent on the Arctic Ocean. Contact EDG for more information about this rare opportunity!

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