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Watch Our Video To Find Out Why October Is a Special Month

This is such an exciting time to join Wild Root Market! Over the past year, we've grown from 242 Member-Owners to 400! This growth has allowed us to move confidently through the feasibility and planning stages of our business development.  Now's the time to engage in real estate negotiations to secure a site and make the much anticipated public announcement of Wild Root Market's future location in Racine. 

In order to allow us to progress to this next step, we've set a goal of recruiting an additional 275 new Member-Owners in the month of October (which also happens to be National Co-Op Month!). This is your call to action! Meeting this ownership threshold is critical to our ability to take the next step: negotiate a site for our cooperatively-owned grocery store. 

If you've been watching our efforts and are eager to shop at Wild Root Market but have been holding back, we encourage you to buy in now. We've made it even easier to do so: if you register using our new online subscription form and PayPal, for the month of October, your PayPal fee will be waived

If you've already joined - or will do so during this time - we ask you to host a Wild Root Market House Party Potluck with those in your circles whom you believe would be interested in having this kind of full-service, community-owned grocery store here. Be one of three Member-Owners to win $100 of free groceries at the market by encouraging the most people to join in October. (In order to get credit, make sure they indicate on their registration form that you're the reason they joined!)

Please contact our Owner Development Chair, Colleen Wilkinson, at 262.995.4369 or by email with any questions so you can cement your decision which will enable us to begin real estate negotiations on one of the contending sites.** 

Remember, our ultimate membership goal is significantly grander: 1,500 Member-Owners by opening day will strengthen a solid start-up. This October goal of 275 allows us to reach the next important threshold and brings us just shy of 50% of our "by open" goal. After we open, continued Member-Owner growth will forever be a key indicator of co-op health.

**Watch this brief message from our Board for an update on site selection, finance and Member-Owner growth activities. Our goal is to have you better understand why we're unable to disclose any of the contending sites until we've secured one in a legally binding manner. We know that once a site is secured and announced, the market will receive an influx of new Member-Owners because it happens every time a co-op is being planned. For that reason alone, we'd disclose a final selection if we could - it would make our jobs that much easier! It's a tricky catch-22, but a common challenge in the world of co-op start-ups. 

Special thanks to Board Member Marcia Buhler for her patience and tenacity in casting, developing, storyboarding, shooting, directing, editing and producing this video message! 

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Packer Fans! (This is cool.)

We were ROOTING for the Green Bay Packers yesterday and are glad for the win!

If you're wondering about the co-op business model and why we are, and will always, continually registering new Member-Owners, consider this: our one-and-only Green Bay Packers is the only NFL Team that is community-owned. People are proud to purchase Packers stock even though the investment offers no promise of a financial return because fans feel happy and proud to be part of the story. Read about it here.

Wild Root Market - like the Packers - is community-owned and will forever be growing our Member-Owner roster in order to finance first the start-up then the ongoing operations. Join us by buying your share today!

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