Issue 79
  1. Classic writing tool
  2. Daily desktop wallpapers
  3. The stylish water bottle
  4. Finance management for freelancers
  5. The perfect carry-on
  6. Beautiful calculator app for Mac

Heya everyone!

Last week was pretty amazing. I finally launched issue 15 (see below) and received a tonne of really lovely, thoughtful emails and tweets from my readers, and a lot of orders!

Today, I'm preparing around 2500 copies for shipping, which will start tomorrow and stretch over the next few days. I only prepare the shipping data – the actual packaging and labelling is done at a warehouse in Berlin. 

While I'm busy going through megabytes of shipping data, Max from Designer News has been kind enough to edit this week's issue of TMD. Enjoy!



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Our Guest Editor

Maxwell Lind

Max is a designer of sorts working remotely from Iowa as the Community Manager for Designer News. Like most, he misses Rdio, reads nerdy tech news, and follows all things Apple. He’s convinced people should follow Finn’s credo when making choices, “because it's the right thing to do."


This Weekʼs Line-Up

Classic writing tool

I’m in the 'always carry a pen and paper' camp, and gravitated (pun fully intended) to the Space Pen mainly because of its size. I literally don’t leave home without it.

Daily desktop wallpapers

Simply put, Wallcat is a great little 'set and forget' tool that delivers nicely curated wallpapers daily.

The stylish water bottle

KOR drops marketing lines like 'water vessel' and 'hydration experience' – I’d tout the visual appeal. If looks aren’t your thing, the round lip, threadless spout, and non-metal taste should convince you.

Finance management for freelancers

To be honest, most anything related to finances (business or otherwise) quickly becomes cumbersome and often ugly. Cushion is the opposite, and quite literally gives you 'peace of mind'.

The perfect carry-on

Away clearly did their homework and solved a few old problems (like sticky wheels) and a few new ones too (like dead phones). I like companies who build a great product with simple options.

Beautiful calculator app for Mac

Contextual math just makes more sense. Rather than having to worry about the true math behind the equation, Numi lets you just tell it what you’d like to do.

Standing for something isn’t just about writing it down. It’s about believing it and living it.
— Jason Fried