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Avadis NGS November 3, 2011

It's our birthday!

For the last three years, we have been closely following trends in genomics, researching new methods, coding novel algorithms for alignment and data analysis, and integrating all these NGS applications into a single, user-friendly application that can run smoothly on your desktop computer – Avadis NGS.

The first version of Avadis NGS was released last year on October 10th (10-10-10). Since then we have had super feedback from the user community and great reviews in the press. And in this short span of time, the Avadis NGS community has grown to over 100 customers! This growth is unprecedented for a commercial bioinformatics product in its first year; for that we have to express a warm-hearted thank you to all our customers, collaborators, and colleagues.

We have lots of ideas for new analysis tools and visualizations and we have been working tirelessly on developing them for future releases. Some of these features will be truly groundbreaking methods for perceiving genomics data, so stay tuned for news from us in the coming months!

Coming Soon - Version 1.3

The next version will be the most feature-rich update since we first released Avadis NGS. It will include several new workflow steps and visualizations that will enable you to go from alignment to analysis of data from newer sequencing experiment types, all within the same desktop software program.

  • Experiment-specific analysis pipeline for small RNA data that now allows you to run QC steps, perform expression analysis and detect novel small RNA regions
  • COBWEB – a built-in sequence data alignment algorithm based on the Burrows-Wheeler Transform (BWT) designed for gapped alignment of DNA and small RNA reads in FASTA and FASTQ files
  • Three new RNA-Seq quantification and normalization options – DESeq, Quantile, and TMM
  • Significantly faster to import data – up to 7 times – including genomic annotations and sequence reads in BAM, SAM, and ELAND files
  • Workflow steps for differential SNP analysis to handle a variety of use cases – including normal-tumor and multi-group comparisons – with improved precision
  • Capability to import annotations from GenBank files and analyze organisms like bacterial genomes
  • Ability to configure and customized pipelines to automate and repeat analysis workflows
The expected release date is the end of November 2011. If you are interested in either trying the Beta version of 1.3 with your own data or scheduling a demo presentation for your organization, send us an email that describes your experiments and desired research endpoints.

If you are interested in buying Avadis NGS 1.3 for your lab, please contact sales for plans and pricing.

- The Avadis NGS Team

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