Introducing Our New Global Coordinator

Jenny Vaccari

It is with great pleasure we announce that Micah Network has appointed Jenny Vaccari to the role of Global Network Coordinator (or coordinator for short). Her e-mail address is: TEAR Australia have kindly offered to host Jenny as she is based in Melbourne, Australia. Her responsibilities include coordination of events (conversations and consultations), communications and serving the network.

Getting to know Jenny
Jenny is a young and passionate advocate for international development and poverty alleviation. She has studied international development and gained experience working with a variety of organisations including the Red Cross Society, Opportunity International and Jubilee Australia. Most recently she was working with Micah Challenge Australia, focussing upon the engagement of churches and Christians in political advocacy on behalf of the poor. She is excited to be continuing this journey in her role with Micah Network.

Micah Network Team
We now have two full time staff (Sheryl and Jenny) and two part-time. Gill Trainor works one day a week supports Sheryl with member communications and is an executive assistant. Emilio Martinez, who is currently studying theology in Glasgow, but is originally from Argentina, is working with the Secretariat in member communications in Latin America.

A warm welcome to our team!

Grace and peace

Sheryl Haw

International Director

Exposed Campaign Update

Exposed Campaign

This news has been provided by Amanda Jackson, Head of Advocacy and Campaigns at Micah Challenge.






18 nations sent a letter to their Australian Ambassador to ask for action against corruption at the G20 meeting.
Read about the letter here
Peru and Nepal have met their Ambassador.
See photo and story from Peru here (in Spanish)


1. We have collected 60,012 signatures.

Thank you for your part! Benin sent in 2,091 signatures recently and a Latvia youth group posted 28. France has sent 39.
All the signatures count!

We really need 100,000 signatures by Easter.
Sign the Global Call here, and find resources for collecting signatures here.

2. Share the video, “Grace’s Story”, in English, Spanish and French (3 minutes) with your networks and on social media. Help people understand the complexities of corruption.

3. Tell the story of Jonathan’s charity in Bangladesh which is showing children a corruption-free future. Read the blog here.

Upcoming Events

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Featured Events

Community Transformation: Hopes and Challenges Conference – Stuttgart, Germany

19th-23rd May

This is our Europe Regional Consultation in cooperation with Christian Community Development (CCD)

In every context, in every community there is a multiplicity of human needs which challenge the churches' abilities and resources.

We will discuss:

- How to inspire, mobilise and equip the community of faith in a community of service?

- The challenge of individualism and division, of competition and pride fracture a united action.

- How do we gain solidarity in community transformation?

For further information or to register, click here.

Signs of Hope in the City Summit – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

28th June to 1st July

This is our Asia Regional Consultation in cooperation with the International Society for Urban Mission (ISUM). ISUM seeks to facilitate collaboration between a variety of urban Christians, including Ecumenicals and Evangelicals, Majority and Western world thinkers, activists and leaders, Church movements and development agencies.

This interactive summit will include keynotes from Dr. John M. Perkins and Dr. Jayakumar Christian, in addition to hands-on immersion opportunities, working groups and panel discussions.

For further information or to register, click here.


Other Events

24th to 26th March: Social Concern Workshop – Yangon, Myanmar

4th to 6th April: Integral Mission and Church Conversation – Dhaka, Bangladesh

29th to 30th April: Social Justice Conversation – Kathmandu, Nepal

10th to 12th July: Integral Mission and the Community Conversation – Yaoundé, Cameroon [more details next month]

21st August: Integral Mission and the Community Conversation - Rwanda [more details next month]

For a complete list of upcoming events, click here.

Membership News

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Membership Contributions

May we encourage you to send through your annual membership contribution. See here for guidelines and details of how to contribute:

Micah Network Website

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Share your Stories

We would love to share stories of learning and success that are happening within your organisation. If you have completed a project, hosted an event or published a relevant report or blog, please send it to and we will endeavour to share it within the Network. Our collective experience of integral mission will help to develop a picture of God's plan in action.

Resources and Teaching


The Bible Society has published Thirty Pieces of Silver [PDF], an Exploration of Corruption, Bribery, Transparency & Justice in the Christian Scriptures. 

Scott Higgins of Baptist World Aid Australia has authored Just Speak: How Your Voice can Change the World. An encouragement for all advocates of justice, and inclusive of a bible study guide.


From the Global Connections Integral Mission Forum March 2014

Fraser Bell: Getting to grips with community transformation - grass root realities

Andy Matheson: Getting to grips with community transformation - God's communal agenda