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A week in—don't miss your chance!

Our WiFi hive monitor campaign started with a bang, so thanks to all of you for your support so far.

We now need to keep the momentum rolling in order to make this happen in time (only 23 days to go).

If you love healthy bees (check!), please help us give beekeepers like you better tools to know your hives. Monitoring is not a magic bullet, but is one piece to the puzzle of fighting hive disease and gaps in our collective knowledge.

Healthy bees! Take me there.
Just $142, USD

10-pack prices for Clubs and Commercial Pollinators

We've just added a new 10-pack option with a 25% discount. Drum up support from your friends and local club to get this excellent option while it's available.

It's also a great solution for commercial pollinators to use on every site by adding a simple mobile hotspot.

Thanks heaps to the folks who've already expressed interest in a club pack. Like David Banbury, of Hawkesbury Beekeepers, who says:

I love the sound of this hive monitor. I've suggested to our club to see if members are interested in the club/research pack. I hope they are! It appeals to me on lots of levels: The technology, the crowd-funding, the ongoing record keeping... It would be great to try one out.

Thanks for sharing this!

With bee health under threat worldwide, we thought we'd hire a hive vet. As you can see, it looks like he knows what he's doing. We'll let you know if he's worth the callout fee.