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May 2013

Workshop with the world’s leading expert in innovation management and co-creation

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies in collaboration with Roskilde Festival and CBS offers a one day workshop with one of the world’s leading experts in co-creation and innovation management, Sudhanshu Rai. Get concrete tools to boost your organization’s problem-solving and capacity for innovation. Hear why a new approach to innovation is necessary in the future, and gain knowledge about and insight into how Roskilde Festival works with innovation and strategy, mainly based on voluntary labor.

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International conference presents forecasts for the European economy and building

13th – 14th of June 2013 in Copenhagen

The 75th Euroconstruct conference, which is to be held in Copenhagen by the Institute for Futures Studies, presents detailed forecasts for European construction activity from 2013 - 2015 and a vision for the medium-term, more qualitative trends for the European construction.

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The future belongs to the city

Latest members' publication

The future belongs to the city, and the city of the future will be smart. A large technological revolution is waiting ahead. Your car becomes intelligent and automated, and that will affect work life, real estate, logistics and retail. Will your house fall or rise in value, and how will it affect your company or organization? The race has started this year. Hear about a future that is closer than you might think. City of the Future and Mobility is the topic of CIFS’s Members' Report #2 2013.

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SCENARIO 03:2013: The comeback of the Nordic region

New magazine

The Nordic region is back as an inspiration for the rest of the world - in both management, business, organisation, and entrepreneurship. The Nordic countries have too long been influenced by American leadership theories and management ideas that don’t necessarily fit the Norse mentality. It represses the region’s natural strengths, observers think, and it for this reason it is high time to (re-)invent and develop a particular New Nordic Way. The restaurant noma did it for food, and now the time has come for companies, organisations and the Nordic countries themselves.

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