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  1. Ultimate Choice

  2. J&R Group

  3. Savoir Flair

  4. Even more site updates

  5. Getting to know the new Facebook

  6. Meet Dan

Hello! It’s been a bustling season at Needmore—we launched several new websites, wrapped up a major redesign with our friends at Savoir Flair, and managed to fit in a few small projects all while taking time to get acquainted with the new Facebook design and our new full-time developer. Whew!

Launched: Ultimate Choice

The Ultimate Choice Website

Ultimate Choice is all about craftsmanship and this shows in their attention to detail in their work. We wanted to create a website worthy of their name. We think we've hit the nail on the head by creating a site that was both a blast for us to build and visually enjoyable—a long, single page with an illustrated house and landscape as a frame to Nohra’s impeccable craftsmanship. Read more about the details in our blog or head over to the Ultimate Choice website.

Launched: J&R Group

The J&R Group Website

J&R Group owns and operates a number of properties in the Portland area. They came to us to create a website with a youthful and visually interesting approach. The site design called for a balance between the grandeur and large-scale beauty of J&R Group’s properties and the finer details that make their interiors and settings unique. We wanted the beauty of the buildings and their interiors to stand on their own. We achieved this balance with a design focused on photographs of the properties, hiding and downplaying other elements on the page using both old and more cutting edge CSS and HTML techniques. You can read more about it on our blog or visit for yourself.

Launched: Savoir Flair Redesign

The Savoir Flair Website

We have just wrapped up a major redesign in collaboration our friends at Savoir Flair. This new iteration, focused on their phenominal photography, makes it even easier to find more of the stunning fashion and runway coverage these ladies have become so well known for. Learn more in our portfolio or head over to Savoir Flair and get your fashion fix.

Ute City Cylces

Ute City Cycles

We embarked on a website and logo redesign for our Aspen friends, Ute City Cycles. The Gotham Rounded logo? Couldn’t help it! See the before and after images or head over to their website.

Salt & Straw Shop

The New Salt and Straw Shop

Summer is swiftly approaching and, as a tease of warm days ahead, we worked with Salt & Straw to get their new and improved shop up. You heard us right: you can order their ice cream right from your little ol’ computer.

Timeline for Business

The New Facebook Timeline

Facebook business pages have been automatically rolled into the New Facebook Page layout. A recent study has shown how important the new timeline feature is to businesses. Pick up few quick timeline tips.

Cover Photo Eye Candy

The New Facebook Cover Photo

Graphically, one of the most exciting updates of the new Facebook page layout is the the large, bold new cover photo right at the top of the page. Before you make yours, take a gander at our cover photo eye candy.

Meet Dan

Dan Manchester

People of Earth, say hello to Dan Manchester. He’s a web developer, and the newest member of our team, making our studio 50% more talented. Dan also shares our passion for making great websites that solve problems for real people, and we’re thrilled to have him. If you’d like to say hi to him, send your salutations to @elseloop on Twitter, or read more about him on our Team page.

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