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Welcome Fairtrade International

On January 21, Fairtrade launched a new visual identity. The new name, Fairtrade International (FLO), and symbol are a visible reflection of new efforts to simplify the system and extend the benefits of Fairtrade to a greater number of farmers and workers, traders and consumers.

The FAIRTRADE Certification Mark in its familiar black rectangle (above right) will continue to be your assurance that products bearing it have met rigorous Fairtrade Standards.

“I’m so pleased to see the values of Fairtrade – action, integrity, respect, challenge and optimism – reflected in what you see online and in publications,” said Rob Cameron, Chief Executive Officer at Fairtrade International.

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Cotton farmers speak out

Cotton farmers speak out

Since the Doha Development Round was launched in 2001, the US and the EU have paid out USD 31.4 billion in subsidies to their cotton farmers squeezing West African cotton farmers out of these important markets. At the 2011 World Social Forum, Fairtrade Africa hosted an event denouncing this wall of subsidies.




Fairtrade strikes gold

Fairtrade strikes gold

Every day an estimated 15 million people put their health and lives at risk in artisanal and small scale mining efforts. On Valentine’s Day, 20 businesses in the UK and Canada launched Fairtrade and Fairmined gold, a groundbreaking effort to secure a fairer deal for gold miners and their communities.

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Partners for Prosperity

Partners for Prosperity

Small producer organizations throughout 11 African countries benefit from a partnership between FLO and the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV). One of the success stories is displayed in the video, “Mangoes Against Poverty,” on Youtube.

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