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Rachael is a freelance digital designer working with household names. She also specialises in responsive emails, Campaign Monitor & MailChimp templates.

Developing my theme

It's Spring and time for a clear out. I'm chucking out my old site for something rather fetching instead. Gone are the sluggish load times & waiting around. I've designed myself a website of beauty and fine typography. Not everything was discarded, mind. I've given my monogram a colour update and kept some parts of my Manchester Postal theme: the bee; the phone and the love. Have a look around and enjoy.




I spotted Alice and gravitated to her straight away. "She'll be perfect for my body font!" I thought. (Yup some girls like shoes, I like having a type binge. I also like shoes too - double fix). A classical serif with soft, up-curled flicks. Satisfying. And a Google font, so cheers guys for the open font license. The headline font is Filson Pro Black. Solid with personality, nice. Ideal in gold.



Brand Legends

Purple & gold classics.
*And no, I couldn't believe it either.


Thank you to the lovely Hannah Prettie for her design thoughts & my headshots. Thank you to Micah for taking time to listen to my sagas & offer insight. Nice one Michael - you got me light years ahead on my speed test! Big shout out to Alice, Naomi & Monika for their super helpful feedback at the design stage (and the rest).
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Rachael x
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