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Watford Concerts 2012/13

We are delighted to announce our 2012/13 season at The Purcell School. 

The focus for the coming season is the piano:  a series of four recitals by leading Russian artists plus The Purcell School piano department playing Russian music for the fifth concert.

Vladimir Ovchinnikov and Mikhail Petukhov are well-known to Watford audiences from their many appearances in our concerts. We have no doubt at all that Andrei Diev and Mikhail Lidsky will have an equally strong impact.  With such great artists and great programmes it should be a brilliant series of concerts.

Click here for full details and online booking.

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New website

We have a brand new website, designed for easier navigation.  The old Classic Concerts and Watford Concerts websites have been merged to provide a more streamlined and clearer interface.  We hope you will like it!

As well as including information about forthcoming concerts the new site includes a better organised archive relating to our work at Watford Town Hall / Colosseum.  This includes a slideshow of previously unpublished footage from a rehearsal in 2009 at the hall.

There is also a more information about donations and why they are better than sales for generating funding for concerts.  This includes a gift-aid calculator which shows the net cost of any donation made to the donor and the value to the receiving organisation.

New pricing

For 2012-13 we have modified our unique pricing system.  The ethos of this is that donations are the most effective form of funding concerts and our objective has been to generate a level of donations which provides the means to charge nominal admission prices.

The generosity of some of our supporters in pursuit of this idea has been astonishing.  Although the system has been successful, though, we need to increase the level of donations in order to create a sustainable operation. Whilst we will continue to offer saver tickets to all those who book early, this year, in order to encourage more people to donate, we are linking the number of tickets sold at the lowest (supersaver) price to the level of donations received. 

A quota of tickets at supersaver price will be generated by donations of £100+.  The bigger the donation, the greater the number of cheap tickets it generates.

Those who donate £100+ gain priority booking, hence the first opportunity to reserve any supersaver tickets created by the donation.  For those who have supported the transition to a donation-based system as a means to create a sustainable funding base, the new scheme will therefore make little difference but we hope it will encourage more people to donate.

Any quota of supersaver tickets remaining once after donors have made their reservations will be made available for online sale at £25.00 for all five concerts.  If you would like to be notified when there is any quota available please click here and submit the form.

Full details on the website.  Please call the box office on 01923 888320 if you have any questions.