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An Eventful Year

Westermo have had a very eventful year. In this newsletter we would like to remind you of the many launches during 2012.

January - Westermo 5 Year Warranty

To demonstrate the great confidence in our products, all Westermo products are warranted against defects in design, materials or workmanship for a time period of five years.

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Feb/June/Nov - Robust Network Solutions Made Easy

WeOS 4.8, WeOS 4.9, WeOS 4.11

The traditional Westermo values of robustness and reliability in hardware design are now complemented by the WeOS network software solution. Over the last few years, Westermo has worked to develop this market leading software solution that operates on a range of Westermo’s most robust hardware platforms.

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June/Sept - Westermo IP train

Viper PoE, Viper Gigabit and RedFox Rail

The Westermo IP train concept delivers a complete Ethernet switch and routing solution providing a robust network infrastructure for the creation of intelligent trains.

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June - Extending Ethernet


Ethernet Line Extender provides high-speed network connections over existing cabling.

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October - Extending our Remote Access Portfolio


Industrial ADSL Router for Remote Access Solutions.

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November - Lynx Network Solution

L105-S1, L205-S1, L106-S2, L206-S2, L106-F2G, L206-F2G

Westermo provide more network solutions with extension to compact industrial Ethernet switch range.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!