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Club Night - Wednesday 12th June 2013

Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

Apologies were received from
Andrew Gayton
Mark ML1275
Neil Tanner
Buddha (Mark)

And a welcome back to Steve Young, nice to see him after his mishap last year.

Matters arising from the Minutes.

An update on the Slide School was given, the date is now confirmed as the 12th July and we have a potential 15 members and friends riding, and at the time of writing this newsletter I hold 8 deposits.
As the School can only take a max of 16 it's looking good.

The Team Trial which takes place at Ashdon in Essex (near Saffron Waldon) on the Sat. & Sunday of the 29/30 June 2013 is looking a bit depleted with only Terry & Frank from Norfolk TRF meaning we will have to recruit 2 stand-ins'.

The Mid Summer ride and meal was set to go ahead on Wednesday Evening. Leaving Wymondham (Ayton Rd trailer park) at 5-30pm and ending up at the Dog & Partridge for a meal at 7-45pm. Rupert had a menu with him so he could give mine hosts some idea of numbers and requirements. (See Mid Summer story below)


An e-mail was received from Jez ref. A new member a Peter Richardson from Dereham. I have telephoned Peter and advised him of our club nights etc and he said he would be at tonight's meeting but he has not shown up.

Rights of Way Officer

Some new signs have been photographed by Andrew around the
Culford Heath area of Kings Forrest erected by Suffolk CC.
These seem to replace the TRO's which have now been lifted.

There is no further news on the proposed new BOAT near Elvedon.

Frank advised us that he had a "discussion" with a landowner in the
Blackbeck Lane area about the rights of way, and Frank corrected his interpretation of the current situation.

Ride Outs

No rideouts were reported other than Reggie's normal
Thursday trips.

Mid Summer Ride Out

The Mid Summer run was well attended this year with 10 riders joining up for a pleasant ride-out followed by a pub meal.
Unlike previous years, it was reasonably uneventful, lacking breakdowns or accidents, unless you count Jes's poor attempt at Junior Kickstart on the log pile!

The pub as usual was welcoming and rounded off a nice evening.

Looking forward to 2014!

Any other Business

Paul advised us he is chasing a fireman he knows about giving
a First Aid talk at a future meeting.

No Raffle was held as Terry forgot to sort out the prizes

Chairman's Comments

It was good to see Steve Youngs back in the fold and he was showing an interest in joining us at the slide school, so he is back!!!!!

I must apologise for not doing the Raffle this meeting especially
after the comments at last months meeting.
I have not received any articles or photos from members so I
will just have to show the practice in my back garden in readiness
for the Team Trial

That's all for now and lets just hope for some decent weather.

Terry Reeve Chairman

This newsletter is based loosely on the last meetings minutes which have not yet been approved and may contain inaccuracies.

Editors Note Rupert
Apologies to the lateness of this email, I forgot all about it!!