SDS Pumped Up!

June 1, 2015

May 27 marked another significant milestone for the Southern Delivery System as crews from Archer Western Construction LLC set the last of the massive pumps that will move water through the 50-mile SDS pipeline. The milestone brings SDS one step closer to its commitment to deliver water to the project partners of Pueblo West, Fountain, Security, and Colorado Springs by early 2016.

In total, 11 pumps were set at the pump stations during the past few months. The pumps ranged from 2,000 to 2,750 horsepower. The largest pump motor produces the equivalent power of approximately four Formula 1 racecars. The pumps at the three pump stations will work in concert to move water 1,500 feet in elevation from Pueblo Dam to the new water treatment plant under construction in Colorado Springs.

Construction on the pump stations is more than 80 percent complete. Now that the final pump is installed, work will continue to finish the buildings, install electrical components, and perform testing at each of the sites. SDS continues to benefit the local economy. Through the first part of 2015, about $643 million has been spent on SDS. Of that, $531 million has benefitted the Colorado economy; $327 million of that has benefitted Pueblo, El Paso and Fremont counties.

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