Almost there..

November! That has come around fast. We are still on a wonderful high after our 5th Global Consultation. If you were not able to join us in Thun for this, the material from this is becoming available on our web site, along with the Consultation papers. (Apologies for the delay – the size of the recordings has meant some editing and web site changes). It was particularly rewarding to hear the confirmation for the Micah Network, affirming the niche we fill:

1) Global network with members drawn from 85 countries at present
2) Have a strong Southern representation
3) Bringing together a spectrum of Christian initiatives (aid agencies, mission societies, colleges, and local churches) all passionate about integral mission
4) Integrating theology and practice
5) Committed to the poor, marginalised and oppressed
6) United to stand and speak out for justice.

Conversations from the Consultation are continuing – a new forum has been established for those working with and for children. Plans are being drawn up for 2013. The Beyond Thun 2012 paper we published is prompting action.

So much to be thankful for and we are inspired to continue our journey.

None of this would be possible apart from the amazing generosity of our members. Thank you to your faithfulness.

I need to ask members for one last push before the year ends. The 5th Global Consultation broke all records: 412 registered from 58 countries. However, with the difficulties of visa applications 67 of the participants were unable to attend and the impact was serious on our Consultation finances. We need to raise funds to ensure we cover all our commitments before the end of the year. You can help play a part in this in three ways:

1) If you have not sent your 2012 membership contribution in as yet – please do so. Go to “Contribute” to see how.

2) If you are able to raise extra support and send this through marked as support for Micah Network, please do so. If we are all able to give what we can then like the parable of the fish and loves, God will multiple and cover the need.

3) Pray for the release of the funds needed.

Thanks for standing with us.

In His Service

Sheryl Haw
International Director

Micah Network President

Since the establishment of Micah Network Dr C René Padilla has been our President, serving in his teaching ministry and by example. We have been honoured to have his wisdom influence us over the years. As he turns 80 years old this year, he steps into the role of President Emeritus and is thrilled to see Dr Melba Maggay (Philippines) step into the role of Micah Network President.

Melba is well known to most of us in Micah Network as she has faithfully served on our Panel of Reference for many years and taught and presented papers at a number of our Consultations.
We are delighted to welcome Melba as our President and look forward to her on-going support and guidance.

New Chair of Board

After serving on our International Micah Network Board for 10 years, 3 in the capacity of Chair, we said thank you to Rev Dino L Touthang at our 5th Global Consultation in September 2012. Dino continues to as a member of Micah Network and has recently moved to Thailand in his role as Asia Regional Programme Director with Compassion International.

We welcome Cannon Isaac Jaffer Anguyo from Uganda as our new Chair of the International Board. Isaac is the Director of Here is Life and also is on the newly forming Africa Regional Coordination Group. It was wonderful to have both and he and his wife Sally with us at our Global Consultation.

Thank You Sundar Daniel

Sundar joined Micah Network is August 2008 as our Asia Regional Coordinator. A role he has faithfully served in these last 4 years. He brought a passion and expertise from his years of experience working with people struggling with drug addiction, working with people with HIV and AIDs, and in development practice. Sundar helped steer the Asia Consultations, workshops and conversations that have enriched many of our lives and practices. Thank you Sundar for your service, friendship and commitment to Micah Network. We pray with you and your family that the next step in your journey will be especially enriching and fulfilling.

A special thanks to EFICOR who have hosted Sundar and are continuing great support for Micah Network.

Sundar is exploring consultancy roles in the relief and development sector and hopes to continue serving Micah Network where possible. His new contact address is:

Micah Network Proposal & Reporting Formats

Over the last year a task force has been working on the revision of the Micah Network Proposal and Reporting Formats. This culminated in a revision meeting at our Global Consultation in September 2012. The revised 2nd Edition are now ready for use! They will though stay under a trial period ensuring any issues arising can be feedback and changes made if needed. Download and start using.

The templates have not changed radically from the ones currently in use, but have been refreshed to respond to feedback from partners over the last few years and to keep up with changing ideas about good practice. The most significant change is probably the introduction of an alternative to the Logical Framework. Supporting Partners and Implementing Partners who would prefer to use a different method of summarising the changes they are seeking, can use an alternative section. Don't panic, the Logframe hasn't been removed. A donor could stipulate that the Logframe should be used if that is what they prefer.

Please send your comments to Phil Lindsey at Tear Australia by 14 December 2012 (e-mail : If you would like to suggest changes please be as specific as possible about the wording you would prefer. As some members are keen to trial these templates with their partners for projects starting in January we will assume you are happy with the drafts if we don't hear from you by 14 December 2012.

Post MDGs Update

As we engage in conversations about what next come 2015 and the end of the MDG (Millennium Development Goals) deadline, we must not drop the ball from the big push that we need to make to try and ensure the MDG agenda is met. We encourage you to link up with the Micah Challenge campaign at a national and international level and mobilise friends, colleagues and your community to play their part in raising awareness about the travesty of poverty and to hold governments to account for their promise to halve extreme poverty by 2015.

The Micah Network Advocacy Forum is tracking the on-going discussions about post 2015. It is important to engage in this and we encourage you to link up and share in this.

News sent out through the Forum in October:

Post 2015 development agenda:

- High level panel set up to discuss what should be included, possibly a new set of MDGs.

- First meeting was on household poverty (defining it and looking at ways to help households out of poverty)

- Next two meetings will cover national development and global partnerships

- See Rio+20: sustainable development goals that were published.

See letter Matthew Frost, CEO of Tearfund UK, member of Micah Network wrote to panel on global poverty.

See letter written in Wall Street Journal by David Cameron (PM UK) on roots of poverty

See report by Christian Aid on “Born Equal: how reducing inequality could give our children a better future.”

• The Catholic Agency For Overseas Development (CAFOD) produced a briefing on the purpose and principles of a new set of goals.

• Follow discussions on the JustPolicy blog site hosted by Tearfund UK

This is an important discussion in which we encourage all Micah Network members to engage.

Ethical Production Certification – a way ahead?

Andrea Wachter from OM would like to start discussions with people interested in promoting Ethical Product production. She explains:

In recent years the Fair Trade label has improved things for producers of commodities: FairTrade Products are sold in many supermarkets and tea producers like PG Tips had to raise their standards as a response, including environmental concerns such as adopting Rainforest Alliance certification.
So how about a label that would work towards releasing manufacturers of clothes and other items from sweatshops and poverty wages?

The Fairtrade Foundation found the following idea “credible and interesting”:

How about a label with a QR code that links to info on how a particular product is produced. This would allow buyers/users to show that they care how their product is produced.
It would need an organisation to back the idea, a web site for the info and a way to certify the integrity of the info.

The Fairtrade foundation said “at this moment in time there is no space or available funds to venture into ideas such as this”.
In a world that contains extreme poverty and human trafficking this sort of certification could make a huge difference!
So if you would like to help support the idea in some way (through further networking, financial support or helping to implement it) please let us know. Andrea Wachter

Call for Proposals - GPAF

The Global Poverty Action Fund (GPAF) is a demand-led fund supporting projects focused on poverty reduction and pursuit of the Millennium Development Goals through tangible changes to poor people’s lives including through: service delivery, empowerment and accountability and work on conflict, security and justice.  Projects will be selected on the basis of demonstrable impact on poverty, clarity of outputs and outcomes, and value for money.
GPAF News.

The “Community Partnership Window” opens for applications on Thursday 1 November 2012. The deadline for receipt of concept notes is 23:59 on Thursday 6 December 2012.
For more information see here.

Evangelism, Integral Mission and Creation Care

Ed Brown, Director of Creation Care presented a paper in the recent Jamaica Consultation on Creation Care and the Gospel. A biblical approach to the theology of mission, putting both evangelism and creation care in the context of the Missio Dei and God’s call to humanity to participate in that mission. The presentation is a challenge to evangelicals to make a fundamental shift away from an unbiblically individualistic and dualistic understanding of mission, and to adopt a fully biblical paradigm where there is no separation between ‘spiritual’ and ‘material’, or between evangelism, social activism, and environmental concern but rather an integration of the creation and cultural mandate (Genesis 1:26-28, 2:15), the great commandment (Matthew 22:36-40), and the great commission (Matthew 28:19-20, Mark 16:15).

For information from the Consultation see here.

Up and Coming Events

1. International Wholistic Missions Conference:  9th to 11th January 2013

Location: Peoria, Arizona – USA

Facilitated by CHE

2. Urban Mission Summit: 26th to 29th January 2013

Location: Bangkok – Thailand

Facilitated by ISUM in cooperation with Micah Network and UNOH