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In The Know

  • Lost some Facebook 'Likes' last month? Never fear - most people did! Facebook organised a sweep to remove inactive or deceased accounts from the platform, resulting in a decrease of up to 5% of followers for most communities 
  • The latest in dating apps, Hinge is a social dating experience that helps you meet the people your friends know, but haven't introduced you to yet. Touted as the new Tinder, Hinge's tagline is “because friends don’t let friends date randos.”
  • Third parties will soon be able to produce content on Facebook's Messenger app. Although not officially announced by Facebook yet, it comes hot on the heels of the company’s addition of a money-sending service that allows monetary transfers between users within the app.
  • Uber is embarking on an international Public Relations hiring spree in attempts to restore it’s less than favourable public image. The ride sharing business is looking for 70 specialists to assist in regulatory disputes in which it is embroiled with local and regional governments.

New Partners

We’ve had a phenomenal Klickstart to the year, announcing four new partners to the Klick Family. A big Klick welcome to iconic icecream Homer Hudson, eyewear juggernaut Luxottica (Sunglass Hut, Ray-Ban, Oliver Peoples, Vogue Eyewear & more), luxury health retreat The Golden Door and leading plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeremy Hunt.

These partner additions come as we say hello to two new Klicksters to the Australian office; Neil Collins (Head of Digital) and Alex Opitz (Communications Specialist). Drop by to say g'day the next time you’re in Surry Hills!

What Australia will look like in 2043…

Inspired by the cult classic which starred Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis, Syfy’s much anticipated 12 Monkeys TV series follows the story of a time traveller from 2043, who makes the journey back to the present day on a mission to eradicate a deadly plague that threatens to wipe out the human race.

To celebrate the launch of the television show on Syfy, Klick asked Professor Brendan Gleeson to tell us what Australian cities will look like in 2043.

And there was no monkeying around with his insights… Using his predictions we created a series of illustrations that were amongst the most read articles on most news publishers last week.  

To see what your city will look like, click here or here. And don't forget to catch the second episode of 12 Monkeys on Syfy (Foxtel) this Thursday at 8:30pm.

Homer Hudson is back!

Klick has teamed up with award-winning advertising and design agencies, The Monkeys and Maud, to bring back iconic Homer Hudson ice cream to Australia, providing consumers with entertainment for their mouths.

To launch Homer Hudson’s five new decadent flavours, Klick enlisted Roller Derby girls to run rings around Australia's media, bloggers and influencers, putting everyone in a spin.

Watch this space for more exciting awesomeness - we're only just getting rolling.

SxSW x Klick

As loyal readers will know, we're long time fans of this crazy, cool, insightful (and nerdy) thing that happens in March every year... SxSW.

If you haven't yet been lucky enough to go before, it's a unique and extremely valuable annual event in Austin, Texas covering all things from the pointy end of the Interactive, Music, and Film industries.

It is, however, also huge, in that there are quite literally too many sessions to see even a small percentage of them all. Here’s a snapshot of some of the things that have stayed with Klick’s Head of Digital, Neil Collins, who was on the ground for the ‘Interactive’ segment last week.

Neil talks us through the new advertising models being proposed by the likes of The Guardian and The New York Times; “Content as a service” from Dell; Philanthropy being the make-or-break for businesses, and just how seriously we need to start taking wearable technology. More key insights, interesting facts, and unusual opinions in the next edition of In the Klick.

Read the full piece here.

Are you marketing to PANKs?

On Friday 27th February we held an intimate Travel Trends lunch with 15 of our partners and tourism industry marketers.

The trends covered spanned Technology, Taste and Tribes. One insight shared at the lunch was the emergence of PANKS - Professional Aunties No Kids - as key influencers in the travel market. We've long known that women are more than/not all mums, and finally the broader marketing community is realising this.

Brands present at the lunch included Tourism Australia, Saffire Freycinet, Mudgee Region Tourism and Voyages Indigenous Tourism.

If you would like a copy of the travel trends please email e@klick.com.au