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October 2012

New logo - new initiatives

At the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, we are in rapid development. Just like the world around us - and just as many of our members also experience.

We take the consequence and introduce a range of new services, which will prepare our members better to act quickly: Early warnings, 1-2-1 relationships to our futurists, and new innovation and strategy products. We emphasize this in our new payoff FAST FORWARD and in our new design.

/ Ulrik Blinkenberg


A mad businessman

In the new issue of SCENARIO we have interviewed entrepreneur and businessman Mikkel Vestergaard Frandsen.

He is the man behind what has been called the invention of the century – a drinking straw that can turn polluted water pure even as you drink from it.

Meet Mikkel Vestergaard Frandsen, who dreamed of becoming a mad scientist, but instead got a career in the borderlands between philanthropy and business.

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Get ready for Brazil

Thursday the 15th of November we invite you to learn more about the most important drivers and business trends from the Latin American market.

In relation to the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies opening of a branch in Sao Paulo, Brazil, we are tuning in on this Latin American country and the many possibilities for dDanish businesses and organizations.

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Latin America - a hotbed for innovation

Associate Peter Kronstrøm gives in a new lecture a range of examples on how exchange of know-how, knowledge and culture can create value for Danish and foreign businesses engaging in the Latin American market. Not only because of a rapidly growing and buy strong middle class, but especially due to the many new business trends and innovations, that arise from this market.

Peter Kronstrøm puts foreword hands-on and vivid insights on what it means to get involved as a business in Latin America. It is not just about selling/allocating products, services and ideas to the South American market, but maybe even more about learning a hole new set of skills and innovative ways of doing business - the Latin American way.

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