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Gawura News
Key dates
Legislation regarding attendance
Heart Mind Life Uniform Awards
Message from our Wellbeing Coordinator
Gifted and Talented Education
Music news
Library news
Sports news
What's happening in the Art Space?
Parenting tips
Are you up to a challenge?
Canberra excursion rebate
Head Lice
What's on: upcoming events and activities

Gawura News


A big thank you to all the parents who attended our GPAC (Gawura Parents Advisory Committee) meeting last Tuesday 7 February. I know it was early in the year (Week 2 in teacher speak) but it was lovely to see the returning parents and a few new ones too. GPAC is held in Weeks 2 and 8 of every term on a Tuesday from 2:00pm to 3:00pm. The venue will usually be the Bennelong Room on Level 4 but there may be some last minute venue changes which we will notify you of. We also offer this meeting in an online format as well so if you wanted to join in from home or the work office or even your car, you can do.

There is also another opportunity for parents to meet in a more informal and relaxed manner and that is the Yarning Session with Parents which we want to commence on Tuesday 7 March at a venue to be confirmed. It will run from 10:00am to 12:00pm, off site from the school and morning tea will be provided. Possible future Yarning Sessions with Parents could include excursions such as the Tribal Warrior on Sydney Harbour or the walking tour of Redfern which Metro Land Council runs. We can discuss these and other possibilities on Tuesday 7 March.

This year we are progressing with our Reconciliation Action Plan and Gawura Strategic Plan. We have employed the services of an Aboriginal consultancy firm called 2 Point Co who will help deliver this. There will be extensive consultation with all stakeholders who wish to participate. Please see this link about who 2 Point Co are and what they hope to achieve this year and what to do if you wish to be involved.

Please reach out to myself or your class teacher if you have any queries around the term ahead. We are delighted to have all the children back at school and look forward to having a wonderful term of learning in front of us.

Have a lovely and safe fortnight ahead.

Mr John Ralph
Head of Gawura


Key dates

Tuesday 21 February
StEPS Kindergarten Vision Screening

Tuesday 21 February, 6pm
P&F Cheese and Wine Welcome

Thursday 23 February, 8am
Coffee In The Hub - Kindergarten

Friday 24 February
Community Prayer Breakfast

Tuesday 28 February
Years 1 and 2 Science Excursion -
Royal Botanic Gardens

Wednesday 1 – Friday 3 March
Year 6 to Canberra

Wednesday 8 March
Junior School Twilight Tour

Wednesday 8 – Friday 10 March
Year 4 to Kirrikee

Wednesday 15 March, 5-6pm
Junior School and Gawura Wellbeing Speaker – Collett Smart

Saturday 18 March
Kirrikee Picnic Day

Wednesday 22 March
Gifted and Talented and Scholarship Information Evening

23-25 March
Major Drama Production
The Madwoman of Chaillot

Friday 31 March
Gala Dinner


Legislation regarding attendance


Legal obligations under the NSW Education Act (1990)

Under the NSW Education Act (1990) all school age children are required to be enrolled in, and attend, school (unless registered for home schooling). It is legally the responsibility of parents and carers to ensure their children are attending school every day the school is open. It is an offence under the NSW Education Act (1990) if a parent or carer does not meet the legal obligations in relation to both enrolment and attendance.

All NSW schools and their principals have legal obligations in relation to attendance. All schools are required to have procedures in place to register daily attendance and absence of students, to monitor student attendance data, to follow up on unexplained absences, notify parents of unsatisfactory attendance and implement intervention strategies to improve unsatisfactory attendance. Any absence not explained within seven days is recorded as unexplained or unjustified. The NSW Keep them Safe Mandatory Reporters Guide identifies attendance concerns as Neglect Concern and schools must report to the Department of Family and Community Services any concerns of neglect.

Please be aware that habitual partial absences are also recorded, including habitual collecting of students prior to the end of the school day and late to school partial absenteeism data is collated and reviewed. A reminder of the importance, as well as the legal obligation to ensure your children are in school and have high attendance rates.

All Junior School and Gawura students are to be at school by 8:30am for an 8:35am commencement. The Junior School opens the doors from 8am and students are supervised in the playground from 8:10am. Students arriving to school after 8.35am are considered late/ partially absent.

Students who need to come to school earlier are to go to Before School Care (available from 6:30am).

The school day officially finishes at 3:10pm for Junior School and Gawura. If you need to collect your child/ren prior to 3:10pm an adult must collect them and sign them out. This will be recorded as a partial absence.

Please ensure you limit the occasions in the school year that you bring your child to school late or collect them early. We understand that, at times, medical appointments may necessitate a partial absence. The classroom teacher or Junior School receptionist should be notified in writing in advance as sufficient explanation. Simply turning up and collecting your child early can be recorded as unjustified absence and reported as a concern.

  • Justified reasons for being late include: being sick, an infectious disease, unavoidable medical appointment, exceptional or urgent family circumstance (e.g. funeral) or published public transport delays.
  • Unjustified reasons for being late include: sleeping in, running late, missing the train/ bus, couldn’t get ready in time.

Parents and carers are required to provide an explanation for all absences/ partial absences on the same day as the absence. Parents may contact the class teacher or the Junior School receptionist by telephone, written note or email before school commences. The receptionist will follow up with a phone call if no contact has been made by 10:30am. If no contract is made in seven days, the School will follow up with a Notice of Unexplained Absence.

More than 10% absence in a school year will be considered a concern, whether whole or part.

Mrs​ Rhonda Robson
Deputy Head of School (Primary) / Director of Primary Education



Heart Mind Life Uniform Awards



For a full list of the latest Heart, Mind, Life & Uniform Awards, click here.


Message from our Wellbeing Coordinator


The Wellbeing Barometer

Because parenting doesn’t come with instructions, St Andrew's Cathedral School is committed to supporting our parents through seminars, such as our upcoming session with psychologist Collett Smart on Raising Resilient Kids, advertised in this newsletter.

Another valuable parenting resource that we provide to our parents is access to SchoolTV. SchoolTV is an online wellbeing resource implemented at our school to help support you in the challenges of modern-day parenting. Parenting is a learning journey and it’s easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed when faced with raising happy, well and resilient young people today.

Every family has experienced some sort of difficulty or adversity in recent times, some more than others. As mental health concerns continue to rise, there have been some alarming statistics reported in relation to the mental health and wellbeing of young people. Unfortunately, the blueprint for parenting is often based on our own experiences, but this is not always fit for purpose in raising children as citizens of tomorrow. Parents and caregivers play a vital role in providing the guidance needed to support children and adolescents as they reframe their worries and focus more on the things they can control in their life.

In this Special Report, we are seeking parent participation through a short survey. The survey is designed to provide a barometer to help gauge the state of student wellbeing within our community. We encourage you to take a few moments to complete the survey as this will help our school know the nature and extent of your concerns and determine how best we can support families in the months ahead. Responses remain anonymous and will only be reported on an aggregated basis. You are asked to base your responses on observations made in the last 12 months.

By working together we can continue to build relationships, foster connections, enable understanding and break down barriers as we navigate a pathway towards better mental health and wellbeing for all students. Please reflect on the information offered in this Special Report, and as always, we welcome your feedback. If this raises any concerns for you or your child, please reach out to the school or seek professional medical advice. Here is the link to your special report link.

Mrs​​​​ Bronwyn Wake
Junior School & Gawura Wellbeing Coordinator and Psychologist/Counsellor


Gifted and Talented Education


Gifted and Talented Education in the Junior School

With the start of the school year, I thought it would be valuable to give an overview of Gifted and Talented Education in the Junior School at St Andrew’s Cathedral School. This overview provides the framework for which we plan academic provisions and extension opportunities for students.

The terms gifts and talents can be very confusing and potentially controversial. This is particularly the case in Christian schools where there is reference to spiritual gifts for the body of believers such as in Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4. However, the biblical definition of God given spiritual gifts is very different to the educational definition of giftedness.

In the field of education, giftedness is a specific term associated with significant research. Giftedness is the untrained and spontaneously expressed natural ability or aptitude, placing an individual in the top 10% of age peers. Talent is the superior mastery of systematically developed abilities or skills in at least one field of human activity, again placing an individual in the top 10% of age peers. It is important to note that a gifted student may be underachieving and therefore not performing in the top 10%. This does not mean they are no longer gifted. It just means their giftedness has not fully developed into a talent.

Therefore, in the field of education, giftedness is advanced development and the potential to perform at levels significantly beyond chronological age. Whereas in the Bible, spiritual gifts are God given abilities that are given to every Christian to be used to bless the church.

Identifying a gifted student does not make them more valuable than another student. God has created each of our students in his own likeness and each are infinitely valuable and precious. Therefore, when we consider gifted education from an educational perspective it is from a viewpoint of need. Students who are gifted and students with a learning disability both have very specific needs. They both require the curriculum differentiated or adjusted for their ability level. Therefore, identifying the learning needs of all students (including giftedness) is necessary to support them educationally but also a means to value God ordained diversity. 

At St Andrew’s we have a significant number of gifted students. This is partly due to the school’s reputation for having excellent academic provisions and programmes for gifted students. In the Junior School we have 14 staff members with training in Gifted Education through UNSW ranging from Certificate to Master level. Our staff team are well equipped to support and differentiate for our gifted students.

Gifted students in the Junior School are firstly supported by their classroom teacher with additional input from the Gifted and Talented Coordinators. This means that in all curriculum areas, teachers are looking for how to increase the complexity, depth and pace of learning to engage gifted students. Additionally, our gifted students may be included in a range of specific provisions and programmes to suit their academic needs. These include Accelerant Classes in Years 3-6, Short Sprint Extension Groups, Inquiry Passion Projects, Project Catalyst Mentoring and a myriad of competitions, workshops and events.

If you have any questions regarding the Gifted and Talented programmes in the Junior School, please feel free to be in touch with our two coordinators, Rebecca Lord ( Years K, 3-6) and Emma Clemens ( Years 1-2).

Mrs Emma Clemens
Gifted and Talented Coordinator JS&G


Music news


Music Exams

Congratulations to the following students on their recent Music examination success:

Shaheli Peiris - Piano Comprehensive – Grade 1 – A+

Jocelyn Tee - Piano Leisure Video Repertoire Grade 1 -  B+

Annabelle Tee - Piano Video Repertoire Grade 1 -  A+

Annabelle Douglas - Piano Comprehensive – Grade 3 - A

Emma Dowsett - Piano Comprehensive – B

Cameron Harvey - Piano Comprehensive – Grade 1 – A

Year 3 Instrumental Programme

Our Year 3 students have been allocated instruments and we have commenced the Instrumental Programme! This has been a very exciting project and it was wonderful to see the students trying out their new instruments.

Parents will receive an email with the details regarding the hire and distribution of instruments for practice at home. Please fill this in as soon as you receive it so that your child is able to take their instrument home. Instruments need to be at school each Monday for the group lessons. We can’t wait to see and hear how the students progress throughout the year!

Mrs​​​​ Kate Robertson
Head of Music (K‑6)


Library news


Dates for your diary

The library hosts some major events each year. Please feel free to add the following dates to your diary so that you and your children can look forward to the fun that is on the way.

  • 27 February Premier’s Reading Challenge Opens
  • 27 Feb – 3 March Culture Festival Week
  • 24 May National Simultaneous Storytime – “The Speedy Sloth”
  • 9 June Grandparents Day
  • 19 – 23 June NAIDOC celebrations
  • 18 August Premier’s Reading Challenge closes
  • 21 – 25 August CBCA Book Week – “Read, Grow, Inspire”
  • 6 September Indigenous Literacy Foundation – Great Book Swap

Looking forward to a year of inspiration!

Nicole Cotter
Coordinator Information & Digital Literacy – Junior School and Gawura


Sports news


We have had a busy and exciting start to 2023 sports in Junior School and Gawura! Beginning in the role this year, I have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful parents and connecting with a wide range of fantastic students. Thanks to all the staff, students and parent community for your warm and supportive welcome. I am looking forward to a great year ahead for sports in the Junior School and Gawura!


Swimming Carnival

We kicked off the sporting calendar with the swimming carnival on the first Friday of term. This was a great way to start the year – we had a beautiful day down at Drummoyne pool and there was a great atmosphere with parents and community members back with us. One of our biggest carnivals ever, we saw great attendance and a huge number of students in the water swimming races on the day – along with awesome results!  However, our larger than expected number of races did mean we ran out of time for the annual parents, students and staff race. We will be sure to include this in the 2024 carnival!

Thank you to all the staff who made the day such a great success and well done to all the students who participated, broke personal bests records and contributed to a positive house spirit on the day. House Champions 2023 for Swimming: Hereford.

The ASISSA Swimming carnival is coming up for selected students on 16 March. Information will go home to parents shortly.


Saturday sport

We have also begun our Saturday sport programme in the IPSHA competition. I would like to thank all the parents for their patience as I have worked through the logistics of starting this programme. We again have a great number of students participating this term in our summer sports (boys basketball, boys cricket and girls soccer). I would like to acknowledge the Year 5 and 6 girls soccer teams for starting their season with a win last weekend. Good luck to all teams this weekend!


Upcoming sporting events



2 March – ASISSA boys football trials
13 March – CIS girls football trials
16 March – ASISSA swimming
23 March – ASISSA netball gala day


3 April – CIS AFL


ASISSA trial information

The ASISSA competition is the first level above school level competition, i.e. St Andrew’s sport progresses on to ASISSA sport which then progresses on to CIS level. As you can see, the level is high and therefore, I need to ensure that any nominations that I make need to be safe and appropriate.

The ASISSA sports that will trial in Term 1 this year are: 

- Boys football: nominations sent prior to 23/02/23

If your child plays at a high level and is interested in trialling for the ASISSA in the above sports, please send me an email at and include:

  1. the full name of your child,
  2. the age your child is turning/will have turned as of the 31 December 2023,
  3. the sport and age group (if age group is applicable) that your child would like to nominate for,
  4. the current level your child is playing at and the playing history of your child

If you are wanting to nominate for any of the above sports, you need to send the above information through prior to the nomination due date stated next to the sport above.

If you have any questions, please email me at


CIS trial information

The CIS competition has two levels above school level competition, i.e. St Andrew’s sport progresses on to ASISSA sport which then progresses on to CIS level. As you can see, the level is high and therefore, I need to ensure that any nominations that I make need to be safe and appropriate.

The CIS sports that will trial in Term 1 this year are:

- Girls football: nominations sent prior to 27/02/23

- AFL: girls and boys: nominations send prior to 20/03/23

If your child plays at a high level and is interested in trialling for the CIS in the above sports, please send me an email at and include:

  1. the full name of your child,
  2. the age your child is turning/will have turned as of the 31 December 2023,
  3. the sport and age group (if age group is applicable) that your child would like to nominate for,
  4. a supporting letter from their club/ rep team to confirm the level at which they are currently competing.

If you are wanting to nominate for any of the above sports, you need to send the above information through prior to the nomination due date stated next to each sport above.

If you have any questions, please email me at



Congratulations to Oliver Chu as he represented Balmain Touch Association at the NSW Touch State Cup.

The U10 Boys played well, unluckily bowing out in the semi-finals to the eventual winners Wollongong Devils. They placed 4th overall in their age division. With over 400 teams from NSW competing, making it the biggest Junior sporting tournament in Australia.

Mr Oliver Denny
Head of Sport Junior School


What's happening in the Art Space?


We’ve begun the ART year with a strong focus on understanding how we live and work and create in Community.

Our Community Art Project in Year 5 and 6 has allowed students to develop 3D and patterning skills, incorporating community living strengths such as thankfulness and servant-heartedness, in the style of American community Artist ‘Thank Youx'.  

In K-2 students have considered how each student belongs in our community, with each creating a self-portrait.


And to complete our newsletter exhibition of last year’s exceptional entries for the Young Andrean Artist of the Year awards – with the theme EGYPT – take a look at these images from Florence Eager, Billy Cooney and Gabe Magee. Enjoy!


Mrs​​​​ Miriam Daly
Visual Arts Integrator Junior School and Gawura


Parenting tips


Modern children are busy children

Michael Grose is one of my favourite parenting tips writers. He has great, sensible ideas and suggestions that are down to earth and doable. This article of his below is a great example of this. Enjoy the read.

“Regardless of age, their days are filled with activities.
Under fives do a range of adult-initiated learning activities designed to give them the best start to their learning lives.
School-aged children have a huge range of leisure and after-school activities to choose from. It’s not uncommon for children to have four and five extra-curricular activities a week.


Nothing wrong with children being busy as long as they have plenty of chances to relax and unwind. Otherwise, children become overwhelmed and they begin to experience childhood anxiety.

Relaxation is a key to good mental health and well-being. It is an important life skill for children to learn. It’s a great way to reduce anxiety in children.

In my book Thriving! I wrote that one way to help your anxious child is to make sure he or she gets bored every so often. There is a temptation to fill children’s’ days with activities so that no time is wasted.

“I’m bored!” is the last thing most parents want to hear their children say. Many parents feel compelled to do something to alleviate a child’s boredom.

There is nothing wrong with a little boredom now and then. Boredom can be good for children’s’ mental health and well-being, giving them the chance to muck around and take it easy for a time.

Here are five ways to help your children unwind:

  1. Let your child regularly stare into the ‘fire’: Ever sat around a camp-fire and stared at the flames? If so, you will know how calming it is. No exertion! No need to think! No need to talk to anyone! Just a chance to chill-out and relax. Television and other communication technologies are the modern versions of the camp-fire. Just don’t let them stare at them for too long.
  2. Let children exercise without rules: Children are the kings and queens of play. They always have been until lately when their lives have become highly organised and scheduled. Free, child-initiated play is the ultimate in relaxation. Fun games, games with few rules and games that children control help them to unwind.
  3. Let children experience flow: ‘Flow’ is a state we get into when we are so engrossed in an activity that time disappears. It is the ultimate unwind. We get flow when we pursue our passions so encourage teens to find activities that they truly love and get lost in. Free play generally takes young children to ‘flow’ very quickly so opportunities for unstructured play are essential.
  4. Help children calm down around bedtime: Have a bedtime routine that calms children down rather than winds them up. You can become part of this routine by reading books, telling nursery rhymes, providing soothing back rubs and other ways.
  5. Unwind with your children: When I was young the best times I had with my dad were spent in the backyard playing cricket. Sounds like a cliché I know. It was fun because it was never a chore for him. He loved it as it was a chance for him to unwind after work. Find ways you can unwind and rejuvenate with your children.

We want our children to be busy and be involved rather inactive and apathetic. However, activity needs to be balanced with unscheduled time so that perspective as well as everyone’s sanity is maintained.”

Mrs Joy Rohrlach
Year 5 Leader


Are you up to a challenge?


Can you learn an Easter verse at home and earn yourself an Easter treat?

Deputy Head of School (Primary)
Annual Easter Poem Memory Challenge

All students have the opportunity to participate in a memorisation task.

Challenge: Any student who learns to recite the Easter Poem allocated for their year group, by Monday 3 April will be awarded a memorisation certificate and an Easter treat.


Easter Poems – poetry challenge. Click here to view poems.



All students are encouraged to take up this challenge, to develop the capacity to memorise through the act of memorisation. Neurons that fire together will wire together.

Research shows that such deliberate mental exercise will actually strengthen and develop the working memory.

It is of course an optional activity; one we trust that most will at least attempt.

Mrs Rhonda Robson
Deputy Head of School (Primary) 
/ Director of Primary Education


Canberra excursion rebate


Year 6 visiting Canberra Wednesday 1 – Friday 3 March

Year 6 students and staff are visiting Canberra early March. This excursion fulfils Federal Government mandatory requirements for all Year 6 students to visit the National Capital and the Federal Parliament. The students will participate in a simulation of Parliament at Old Parliament House. The students will also visit iconic venues in Canberra such as the Australian War Memorial and new Parliament House.

To assist families in meeting the cost of the excursion, the Australian Government is contributing funding of $30 (recently amended from $20) per student under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate programme, towards reducing those costs. The rebate is paid directly to the school upon completion of the excursion. 

Mrs Rhonda Robson
Deputy Head of School (Primary) / Director of Primary Education


Head Lice


Head Lice – Year 5

We have been advised of a case of head-lice in the school. Please check your child and treat if necessary.

NSW Public Health:

The facts

Head lice infestations are a common occurrence, particularly in primary schools:

  • about 23% of primary students have head lice at any one time
  • anyone can catch head lice regardless of their age, sex, or how clean their hair is
  • head lice move from one person's head to another via hair
  • head lice do not survive long when they are off a human head
  • head lice do not live on furniture, hats, bedding or carpet
  • head lice have built up some resistance to head lice treatments.


Daily combing with hair conditioner using a fine tooth comb is effective in getting rid of head lice and eggs (nits). Tips for parents in reducing the spread of head lice:

  • regularly check your children's hair
  • teach older children to check their own hair
  • tie back and braid long hair
  • keep a fine-tooth head lice comb in the bathroom and encourage all family members to use it when they wash their hair.

As infestations are particularly common in primary schools, it is best to choose a treatment that can be used over time. There is no single solution to eradication, only persistence.


What's on: upcoming events and activities


P&F Cheese and Wine Welcome

Parents and carers are warmly invited to join the P&F for an informal wine and cheese night on Tuesday 21 February.

This relaxed evening is a great opportunity to find out what is happening at the school and meet others in the St Andrew’s community. You can chat with the P&F Executive, key members of the school staff, year conveners and other parents while enjoying a glass of wine and a plate of cheese.

Come along and find out a bit more about the P&F plans for this year and hear the latest report from a senior member of the St Andrew’s staff.

Tuesday 21 February, 6pm – 7.30pm
The Community Hub, Level 4, SAH

Please RSVP for catering purposes.


RSVP here


Coffee in the Hub – Kindergarten parents

All Kindergarten parents are warmly invited to join us for Coffee in The Hub to meet other parents, key Junior School staff and the P&F.

Thursday 23 February, 8am-9am
Community Hub, Level 4 St Andrew’s House

Please RSVP by Monday 20 February.


Register here


Anniversary Evensong for Ukraine

St Andrew’s Cathedral will be holding a special service of Choral Evensong with music led by the St Andrew’s Cathedral choristers, praying for the peace and welfare of Ukraine. All are warmly welcomed.

Thursday 23 February, 5:15pm
St Andrew’s Cathedral

Please follow the link for further details:                                                                                                                               

A.R. (Sandy) Grant
Dean of Sydney, St Andrew's Anglican Cathedral


Join us for our first Community Prayer Breakfast!

Parents are invited to join the school community for our first St Andrew’s Cathedral School Community Prayer Breakfast.

Friday 24 February, 7.15am – 8.15am
Upper Chapter House

Minister and author, Tim Keller, notes: “To pray is to accept that we are, and always will be, wholly dependent on God for everything.”

We seek to bring the year before God in humble prayer, to recognise that his completed work for us in Christ and his ongoing work through the Spirit are central to our life as a school.
The Prayer Breakfast provides a great opportunity for our broader community to connect – staff, School Council, parents and students.


Guest Speaker: Dr Caitlan Munday

Our guest speaker, Dr Caitlan Munday BEd (Hons), PhD (Sydney) is the Director of the Teacher Schools Alliance Sydney (TSAS) of which St Andrew's Cathedral School is a key member. Dr Munday is also a Research Fellow (Professional Learning) at The Scots College.

Numbers are limited for the Prayer Breakfast.


Register here


Join in our celebration of culture next week!

We have such a diverse community at St Andrew's: 40 languages spoken in our Secondary School student body alone, more if you count the cultural backgrounds! It is just something so unique and wonderful that we had to celebrate it.

The Lunar New Year Celebration expanded into the International Festival Week in 2022. But this year, we are growing even larger!

Culture Fest is the new name for this celebration of diversity at our School.

It is an event run by the Culture Fest student committee who was involved in the process from developing a logo, voting a new name and deciding on the theme (this year’s theme is landmarks!). We are going to invite the Junior School so that it really is a whole School celebration.

Just as last year, students, in groups or on their own, make posters and decide which activity they want to organise for their peers. They even get a budget to buy snacks and decorations! This is a great opportunity to develop student leadership as well as celebrate the vast culture we have at St Andrew's.

27 February – 3 March lunch time
Middle School Library and BBC Auditorium

Ms Heaven Lee
English Teacher, SL EAL/D Specialist Teacher 7-12


You are invited to attend Night of the Notables, a CBCA annual event.

St Andrew’s Cathedral School is hosting this special event which announces the long list of books and creatives to be judged for the Book of the Year Awards.

On the night, you will also have the opportunity to hear from three authors – Kate Foster, Sue Whiting and Rebecca Young; go in the draw for great raffle prizes including books, wine and luxury cosmetics and purchase books from Gleebooks onsite.

Tuesday 28 February, 5.30pm for a 6pm sharp start
Middle School Library, Level 4 St Andrew’s House
Cost: $20 per person (non-CBCA members)


For more information


Do you have friends or families interested in enrolling at St Andrew’s Cathedral School?

This event is designed to provide interested families looking for K-Year 4 enrolments with information about our unique school and the opportunity to explore the school after hours.

With long waiting lists now into many year groups, including Year 5, 6 and 7, the Junior School is now becoming the best point of entry.

For more information about the evening, download this flyer.

Please note this is not for families already enrolled, but an opportunity for you to promote our school to friends and family who may be interested in enrolling.

Wednesday 8 March 
St Andrew’s House

  • 4.30pm Tour
  • 5.15pm Information session

Book here


Parent seminar: Collett Smart – Raising Resilient Kids

Most people agree that the wellbeing of their child is important, but have you ever wondered how we can actually teach the skills of wellbeing?  At St Andrew's Cathedral School, there are many ways in which we approach this complex task, including our weekly classroom Social & Emotional Wellbeing (SEW) lessons. These lessons focus on the development of our St Andrew’s Character Strengths, emotional regulation, attention and awareness, positive relationships, coping and resilience, habits and goals.

Are you keen to enhance your relationship with your child and help them grow in confidence and resilience?

In this parent seminar, well-known psychologist and presenter Collett Smart will outline:

  • The factors that develop resilience in children
  • The research on what young people need from the adults and carers in their lives
  • Practical tips for enhancing your relationship with your child.

For all Junior School and Gawura parents and carers.

Wednesday 15 March, 5-6pm
Community Hub, Level 4 St Andrew’s House


Register here


Unfortunately, this popular event is now sold out. Register for our waitlist

Come and visit beautiful Kirrikee – just one-and-a-half hours from Sydney near Penrose, in the beautiful Southern Highlands.
There’s so much to do – high ropes, mountain biking (bring your own bike), abseiling, log rolling in the dam, billy karting and lots more. With its combination of rolling, cleared grazing country, bushland and wetlands, Kirrikee is a fantastic place to visit rain or shine.

For more than 20 years this event has run as a fundraiser for the amazing Penrose Rural Fire Brigade who help to protect Kirrikee and the local Penrose community.  In recent years especially, their tireless efforts have saved many lives and properties from fire.
Morning tea and lunch is included and there will be a barista onsite providing coffee all day for a gold coin donation.

All the activities and lunch are run by Kirrikee outdoor education staff and parent volunteers.  If you can spare an hour to help with an activity or food service then please contact us at or tick the volunteer box on the booking form.

Saturday 18 March, 9am-4pm
Kirrikee Outdoor Education Centre


SOLD OUT – Waitlist only


Do you or someone you know have a son or daughter who is a gifted learner?

Please invite them along to our annual information night.

Our school caters for gifted and talented students within an inclusive cohort by providing specialised educational programmes and opportunities. This interactive seminar will provide parents and educators with tips on how to best support gifted and talented students from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Our guest speaker for this evening is educator and author Michele Juratowitch, a frequent presenter at conferences, author and co-author of Make a Twist: Curriculum differentiation for gifted students and Releasing the Brakes for High Ability Learners. For more information download the flyer.

Wednesday 22 March, 6pm-7.45pm
St Andrew's House
Cost: Free


Register here


Come on a journey of political satire with our talented drama students!

Our 2023 Major Drama Production audience will be taken on a journey of satire where the profiteering plans of large corporations and conspirators will be pitted against the beloved Aurelie (better known as the Madwoman of Chaillot) who resolves to stand against destruction, plunder and conspiracy.

To paraphrase the playwright Giraudoux: “the prudence of a single woman is sufficient to break the teeth of madness of the entire world”. Set in Paris, the play explores themes of corporate corruption, environmental degradation, and the power of the individual to stand up for change.

Thursday, 23 – Saturday, 25 March

Evening performances 6.30pm on 23, 24 & 25 March
Saturday matinee at 2pm on 25 March
Upper Chapter House
$35 Adults / $20 Students

All are welcome. Book your seats to one or all of the sessions below!

Tickets on sale Wednesday 22 March, 9am


Thursday 23 March, 6.30pm

Friday 24 March, 6.30pm


Saturday 25 March, 2pm

Saturday 25 March, 6.30pm


Now sold out: Gala Dinner 2023 – The Grand Tour

Be transported to the mystique, beauty, sophistication and romance of The Grand Tour

Experience the elegant golden days of steam engines aboard the St Andrew’s Express.

Dine in splendour in our stylish dining car, savouring a delicious three-course dinner accompanied by fine Australian wines and original entertainment.

Look at the amazing array of Silent Auction items and log on to enjoy bidding across the evening.

Travel in style with your friends, or travel solo, meeting new passengers who will share your journey.

Don’t miss the journey of a lifetime...

Departing from The Grounds at South Eveleigh at 7pm on Friday 31 March.


  • $220 per passenger
  • $215 per passenger if two guests book together
  • $210 per passenger if booking a table of 10 – 12

Note: tables of 12 are encouraged
Dress: Black Tie


SOLD OUT – Waitlist only


If you have any questions, talk to one of our travel experts about the journey by emailing:

Travelers also attending the Farewell Music Tour Concert can confidently enjoy the beautiful music, but still arrive at The Eveleigh in time for ‘departure’.

If you cannot attend the Gala Dinner but would like to contribute to fundraising towards Stage 2 of the rooftop, please donate here: