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Only a few days to go...

Thank you to the many of you who have already backed the wireless scales kickstarter project.

We're delighted we have passed the initial target, stretch goal one (talking scales), and two (doorway activity sensor), but we are currently $5,000 short of goal three which would allow us to integrate the wireless scales with the top end hub. This would allow monitoring of larger numbers of scales with one hub and send alerts for interesting hive behaviour.

But more importantly for you beekeepers out there, the introductory kickstarter prices for a system are unlikely to remain as low when we get to full production, so if you're thinking of getting a system to monitor your hives, this is the week to do it!


New Zealand Conference

Bryan and Christian really enjoyed meeting lots of you in Wanganui at the 2014 New Zealand Apiculture Industry Conference last week.

We had lots of great discussion about our current and future products and how it fits with where the industry is heading. We came away from the conference with lots of ideas, plenty of good feedback and even a few new orders. Thanks!

Oh and did we mention that the kickstarter campaign, and therefore pricing, finishes this week!

It was a great event and we look forward to keeping in touch with those new faces we met, and existing customers too. Thank you to all the organisers who obviously put a lot of work in.

Congratulations to Russell Berry who was the lucky winner of the draw to win a copy of the book, "The Beekeepers Apprentice". We'll get that out to you today Russell. Enjoy!

Christian will be at the Victoria Conference in Melbourne next week and look forward to catching up with some of you there too.

Obama's Bees

Just over a week ago US President Obama signed a memorandum establishing the first-ever federal pollinator strategy for the USA.

The memo creates a new inter-agency task force charged with developing a federal strategy to protect pollinators, aiming to stave off the declines that pollinators have suffered in recent years in America.

Obama instructed all federal agencies to use their powers "to broadly advance honey bee and other pollinator health and habitat," and the Agriculture Department announced $8 million in incentives to farmers in five states who establish new habitats for honeybees.

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