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Avadis NGS May 19, 2011
News & Updates

Using Avadis NGS in the classroom

Use of next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies in universities and commercial labs is growing and so is the demand for well-trained researchers who are able to analyze and visualize NGS data. To help students learn how to perform such analyses, we are now offering complimentary licenses of Avadis NGS to university faculty for classroom use.

George Washington University and Bar Ilan University have already chosen to make Avadis NGS a part of their molecular biology curriculum. If you would like to do the same for courses this summer or next fall contact our sales team for more information!

Three more R scripts available in our Scripts Library

We have added three more R scripts to our online Scripts Library, to enhance the functionality of Avadis NGS with the latest algorithms available. They allow you to compute k-means clusters on a set of genes, compute SAM statistics , and an additional way to identify differentially expressed genes based on a moderated t-test using the R library LIMMA.

Feature Highlight

Found novel exons? Prioritize them with a conservation score!

Identified novel exons of known genes in your RNA-Seq experiment with Avadis NGS? With the addition of continuous data in the .WIG (wiggle) format since version 1.2, you can now prioritize these identified novel regions by annotating them with a conservation score - the higher the conservation score the higher the likelihood that the novel region is genuine.

Below: Novel exons annotated with conservation scores in Avadis NGS

Upcoming Events

Two more webinars in May!

Here is just a quick reminder that there are two more webinars scheduled in May - one more Introduction to Avadis NGS and one more DNA-Seq seminar. You can register here for one of these sessions:

Pacific Daylight Time
(San Francisco)
Eastern Daylight Time
(New York)
Central European Time
China Time
May 25th
8 AM 11 AM 5 PM --
May 26th
-- -- 11 AM 5 PM

As always, if you can't make it for one of these dates you also have the option to request a private webinar session by selecting "I would prefer a private session for my organization" from the Preferred Date menu on the registration page.

Coming Soon . . .

BIOBASE Genome Trax and Avadis NGS

We have teamed up with the biological database experts BIOBASE to bring you access to one of their latest databases - BIOBASE Genome Trax - as an addition to the Avadis NGS package.

BIOBASE Genome Trax will be fully integrated with Avadis NGS allowing you to annotate your NGS data with known disease mutations and gene regulation sites - all in one application! New and existing Avadis NGS customers will be able to purchase BIOBASE Genome Trax through our website from the end of June 2011.

Just Ask!

If you have any comments or requests, just get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

- The Avadis NGS Team

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