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2013 Publications and Wall Decor

2013 Calendars

Welcome to Alan Blaustein Photography. We are very pleased to introduce our new 2013 publications release, upcoming wall decor and commercial photography projects.

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Projects: 2013 Calendar releases Italia and Cafes & Bars both popular German publication releases repeated for the sixth consecutive year. In addition debuting in 2013 is the USA Tidemark wall calendar release Bistros de France.

Italia 2013 features classic Italian vistas photographed in Alan's unique vertical panoramic style showcased as an oversized "gallery format" calendar as well as a petite "bookmark" style calendar version.

Cafes & Bars 2013 highlights traditional classic European style cafes and bars featuring interior and exterior photography from Alan's recent excursions and cafe journeys.
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2013 Calendars

Projects: Bistros de France surveys the French Bistro's in Paris and throughout France. Featured are Alan's sepia toned photographs of intimate cafe vignettes to classic Bistro facades.
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Italian Cafes

Projects: The cafe photographs Alan created while on location assignments in Italy during 2012 for Lavazza USA.

For the upcoming Lavazza AD's several cafe images were selected from 100's of edits from Alan's recent Italian photography and then combined to create a perfect cafe scene from Alan's new collection of cafe still life, architectural and panoramic photography.

Alan describes his creative process in his cafe journal: "While location scouting the urban and rural cities searching for cafes, I often stumble upon clusters of varieties of cafes. During these explorations I photographically document my expeditions. Often inspired, I return back to my favorite places to re-photograph, visit my friends in the neighborhood and enjoy a beverage."
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TCI International

Projects: Throughout 2012 Alan was hired to photograph TCI International's custom built, state-of-the-art RF spectrum monitoring surveillance vehicles. These vehicles are designed to meet the unique requirements of civilian regulatory and government security agencies around the world. The interiors house an integrated signal monitoring and analysis system and the unique pneumatic mast antenna reaches upward of 25 feet to perform omnidirectional monitoring and signal detection.
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Giardini Italiano

Projects: The Giardini Italiano series featuring Alan's unique panoramic format images titled "Panchina di lago" and "Portico Vista" as well as "Giadino Vista Varenna". These new 2013 new releases are published by Image Conscious Publications.

The "Giardini Italiano" collection features imagery from classic Italian gardens as well as urban and rural gardens, gates and porticos. Both series are now available for wall decor as large elegant sepa toned prints with color.
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Sea Shells

Projects: Aquatic No 1 and Aquatic No 2 published in 2013 by Image Conscious. These new wall decor releases are offered as framed prints in Target stores USA.

Alan's photography have enjoyed popularity as wall decor for numerous retail stores as well as original prints for hospitality commissions and gallery collections. Including on permanent exhibition at: the Eden Medical Center, Castro Valley, CA, Venetion Hotel, Caesars Palace and Bellagio Hotels in Las Vegas, NV. USA.

In addition Alan's photographs have been showcased in numerous exhibitions and featured as limited editions prints available from art consultants and galleries.
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