There is a crack in everything
where the light gets in
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Future Unfolding #11

Future Unfolding

Our year in quotes

Spaces of Play are known for their eye for attractive design.
(1) Yet, recently, a grumble of dissatisfaction has been rising among Zelda fans who fear the series has lost that fundamental sense of childlike discovery. (2) At the same time “indie” developers hope for media attention, such as YouTube stars who sometimes reach hundreds of thousands of gamers with their Let's-play videos. (3) When Spaces of Play began their unusual naturalist adventure Future Unfolding, they set their sights on capturing the look of Impressionist paintings, and they were convinced commercially available complete game engines wouldn’t do their game justice. (4) A walk through the halls of the blustering gamescom might get the wrong impression: Video games and their creators are all about roar, violence and megalomania. (5) The shortest distance between two points is often unbearable. (6) We have not fully understood the puzzles of Future Unfolding yet, but the magnificent top-down world and its unique inhabitants make us enthusiastic anyway. (7) All right, rabbit friend. Let’s go. (8) “Nah,” I said, and got up to plug my controller in. (9)

Hope you had a good year.
Talk to you soon!

– Andreas, Marek & Mattias