March 13, 2020

PreK4 eNews

What a great week!  We enjoyed reading many Dr. Seuss books, what a terrific way to reinforce rhyming words.  Wacky Wednesday was a highlight of our week!  The children and teachers liked dressing “wacky”!  We also tasted green eggs and ham.  Ask your child if he/she liked these! 

Next week, we will review the letters and letter/sounds we have learned.  Look for opportunities to reinforce these important pre-reading skills at home!  Ask your child what sound he/she hears at the beginning of family members’ names, or what sound is heard at the end of Sonic or Wal Mart, or possibly what letters/sounds make the small words “up” and “pig”.  All the children are making progress and we are proud of their hard work!

Next Week

  • Bible Verse: Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (We will practice this verse for two weeks.  Practice at home too!)
  • Bible Story: The Prodigal Son
  • Reading/Phonemic Awareness: We will be reviewing and assessing prior letters/sounds
  • Math:  We will be reviewing and assessing numbers 1-10
  • Unit: Spring
  • Show and Tell: none

Next Week

  • March 16-19 (March 17-19 for 3 day classes) - Drop in student led conferences 3:30-4:00. Parents and children are invited to drop by the classroom one afternoon, where students will share samples of their work with parents.  Spring progress reports will be in your child’s folder this week. If you need to talk to your child’s teacher for more than 5 minutes, please schedule a time to meet for a more detailed conference. PreK teachers will have required conferences in May to discuss kindergarten readiness.
  • March 20 - No School! Since we have not used any snow days, there will not be school on this day!  Enjoy the head start to spring break!
  • March 23-27 - Spring Break
  • April 6 - Teacher Compassion Fund Giving Day - students may bring a $1 donation and wear spirit dress.
  • April 14 - PreK4 to Kindergarten transition meeting at 11:00 in the CMR. Mrs. Foley will share information regarding Kindergarten, and it is a great day to come have lunch with your child at 10:30, right before meeting.
  • April 23 - Mark your calendars for our PK “Love Bug” Program. This will be during morning chapel at 8:30, and later that morning we will be having a picnic/playtime at Tyson Park, and we would love you to meet us there! More information to follow.

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