2015 - "Nothing to fear but sitting on your rear!"

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Atomic is hopping again this year and we wanted to share some of the great 2D, 3D and hybrid shows we're working on in 2015.

  • The fabulously named Winston Steinburger and Sir Dudley Ding Dong (featured above) for TELETOON and ABC3 in Australia. This comedy series for ages 6 to 12 is in production with our Aussie mates Sticky Pictures and eOne Family.
  • The sparkling new CGI preschool series Little Charmers, which we're working on with partners Nelvana and Spin Master Entertainment, made its debut on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. on January 12 and Treehouse in Canada on January 31.
  • The second season of Avengers Assemble aired on Disney XD recently and we're now working on another new exciting Marvel holiday project.
  • Our space monkey artists are busy on the Shaw Rocket Fund winning series  Rocket Monkeys with partner Breakthrough Entertainment and also starting work on an hour long Rocket Monkeys Halloween Special that will be aired on TELETOON  this October.
  • And last, but not least, a talented Atomic crew has kicked off design for a new top secret CG show - details coming soon.

Funk Opera Underway

We've joined forces with the excellent Vancouver band Five Alarm Funk to create a feature movie - or "Funk Opera" - based on its new record Abandon Earth.

To get the ball rolling we've started production on a live action/animated hybrid music video - due out in March - to act as a trailer for the movie, and help us find a home for the feature length project.

Drummer-vocalist Tayo Branston originally approached us with this totally original idea when Five Alarm Funk performed at our 15th anniversary party last June (what a great recommendation for our Cartoonapaloozas!). Check out the recent article on the project in the Georgia Straight.

Atomic Partner Elected to CMPA BC Branch Council

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Atomic partner Rob Simmons was recently elected to sit on the board of the Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA) BC Branch Council as co-chair. Along with Rob, Elyot Waller from Nerdcorp (DHX) represents the BC animation industry on the board.

"It's a chance for Atomic to give something back to the BC film and TV production community as well as ensuring the animation industry is well represented on the board," said Rob.


Artist Profile: Andy Poon

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Original fan art by the amazing Andy Poon

How long have you been at Atomic Cartoons?
I'm fairly new to the Atomic family; it's been four months since I worked my first night shift at home for Atomic, before that I was at Nerdcorps Entertainment for 10 years.

What do you do at Atomic?
I'm currently art directing a new CG show plus a few design assignments for Five Alarm Funk and the Marvel Holiday Special. My work day involves me putting most of my efforts into trying to act somewhat professional!  I am definitely a hands-on art director therefore I do a lot of actual production designs, especially the main characters and key look for the environment. I would say the most important part of my role is to function as an extension of the client's vision while problem solving what is also best for the production. Designers for productions are problem solvers and story tellers who use art to communicate.