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International Diabetes Federation


Join the World Diabetes Day Flash Mob Challenge

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Brussels, London, Jaipur and San Francisco are some of the cities who have already joined the World Diabetes Day Flash Mob Challenge by organising a special WDD performance on 13 or 14 November. In San Francisco, hundreds will gather in Union Square and with the help of blue hula hoops will bring diabetes to the public's attention.

If you're interested in joining the challenge but are not sure what to do, watch the special video that we have produced to guide you through all the steps required to make a lasting impression on the unsuspecting public in your area this World Diabetes Day.

Once you've learned all the moves, make sure to register your flash mob with us and join the global movement.

Make sure to record your performance and share it with us afterwards.

Join the Flash Mob challenge and Unite for Diabetes!

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Are you going blue for diabetes?

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Wherever you will be and whatever you are planning to mark this World Diabetes Day, make sure to go blue to show your support for the diabetes cause. If you can’t organise a Flash Mob, here are some other ideas to mark the day:

  • Shine a blue light on a monument or building near you: over 30 countries are currently taking part in this year's Blue Monument Challenge, helping to put diabetes firmly in the public spotlight. Join the challenge by sending in your confirmed lighting to See the list of all the monuments and buildings that have confirmed their participation.
  • Dress in blue: a simple and effective way to raise diabetes awareness in your community. Show your support for 'Blue Fridays' by going blue throughout November. Get inspired with this promotional video.
  • Take the Big Blue Test: help support the Diabetes Hands Foundation and the IDF Life for a Child Programme by taking the Big Blue Test between 1 and 14 November. All you have to do is measure your blood glucose, do 14 to 20 minutes of physical activity, measure your blood glucose again and submit your results online to showcase the importance of exercise in the management and control of diabetes. See what the Big Blue Test made possible last year and find out more about this year’s campaign at

Whatever you'll be doing, remember to share all your videos and pictures with us:

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Activity Spotlight

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With 14 November now just 20 days away, details of planned activities all over the world are coming in thick and fast. Here's a snapshot of the latest that we've received:

  • In Abidjan, Ivory Coast, the headquarters of the Diabetes and Obesity Association of the Ivory Coast will be hosting a diabetes week on 7-12 November. Activities will include free check-ups for diabetes and its complications, the screening of awareness videos, diabetes education sessions for specialised nurses and cooking demonstrations by a dietician.
  • In El Paso, Texas USA, the Binational Diabetes Committee has developed the 'Go Blue on the Border Campaign' aimed at getting people to wear blue on 14 November and promote the following messages: 'Diabetes is serious' 'Diabetes can be prevented and controlled' 'The time is now for a healthy lifestyle'.
  • In Kolkata, India, the West Bengal Chapter of the Royal Society for the Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI) will be holding a mass walkathon on 14 November, starting at the entrance of the Victoria Memorial Hall.
  • In Mexico, the city of Victoria Tamaulipas will see a variety of activities organised by the association 'Aprendiendo a Vivir con Diabetes' (Learning to Live with Diabetes) on 13 November as part of their 'Let's Light the Sky with Hope' campaign. Activities include a walk with blue balloons featuring the World Diabetes Day logo, blood glucose checks and education sessions for medical students, primary and secondary school students and boy scouts.
  • Staff and children at the Odessa Upper Elementary School in Odessa, Missouri, USA will be wearing blue on 14 November to promote diabetes awareness and to stress the importance of healthy behaviour. This year, the school has adopted the 'Active and Healthy Living' programme with students learning how enjoyable and fun it is to be active and eat healthy foods.
  • Quito, Ecuador will be the scene of a special concert for people with diabetes entitled "A Light that Leaves Traces" on 20 November. The event will mark the end of the "Love your Feet" awareness campaign and involve artists from around the country.
  • In Spain, ONCE - the National Organisation for People with Visual Impairment - are issuing a special World Diabetes Day lottery ticket for the draw that will take place on Saturday 29 October. Five million tickets will be printed with the World Diabetes Day logo and sold throughout the country to raise diabetes awareness and support the events and activities organized by local diabetes associations and federations for 14 November.

View a more complete overview of activities around the world and please continue to send us your event information.

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Follow the Campaign

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  • Twitter: minute-by-minute updates on the campaign with all the latest news and key messages. Help us reach 5,000 followers!
  • YouTube: have a look at our 'Blue Circle Collection' to view some of the new World Diabetes Day awareness videos that have been added from around the world.

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