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Aquacell: Water Recycling Solutions

Aquacell offers a new and innovative approach to water management in the built environment. A global leader in water recycling, Aquacell delivers fully integrated greywater and blackwater recycling solutions for non-potable reuse applications such as surface irrigation, cooling towers, and toilet flushing. Successful installations include commercial office towers, business parks, resorts, schools, residential communities, and multi-family housing. Aquacell provides a comprehensive service to ensure success, including consulting, project management, and operations.

Read more about Aquacell in their AUGUST NEWSLETTER

Also check out one of Australia’s greenest building utilizing Aquacell technology by clicking HERE!

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Green Pioneer, Ray Anderson passes at age 77

I was enormously saddened this past week to learn of the death of Ray Anderson, founder of Interface, and long-time champion of sustainability.

When it comes to sustained leadership in a business of net zero Ray's company Interface comes to mind ahead of all others.

A  passionate, moral, and heart driven man, Ray tops the chart above of all others.  Today, let's celebrate the life of a man who helped changed the world forever.

Thank you Ray for  your  guided inspiration - this dedication is for you.

When you are being asked to make a business case for sustainability - perhaps ask them to make the buisness case for being unsustainable - Ray Anderson

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Water, Our Precious Resource

By Kristen L. Victor, LEED AP

For many of us,  water has always been an available resource.  On a daily basis we habitually turn on our faucets and enjoy immediate, unlimited access to water.

For many in our world, clean water is a daily struggle. As our global populaton continues to expand, water is the most precious commodity of our future as water is  essential for human survival.

As we watch countries innovate solutions to resolve their individual water problems, ranging from lack of water to an abundance of water, it is facsinating to explore how technology supports the needs of specific water issues.

With eyes wide open, we continue to search for sources of our natural element, water.  When found, the question is "How clean is this water"? The next question is  "Is it  a source for potable water"?  If so, "How"?. The next questions needs to be "How far is the source from the need"? and "What infrastructure needs to be in place for adequate supply"?  We need to continually ask these questions to find  answers that lead to successful solutions.

In countries such as Israel, Dubai, and Australia water preservation is a requirement because of the lack of this natural resoruce.  These countries have limited supplies of water and must create usage and reusage solutions to meet their needs.  Each country has successfully implemented innovations supporting their indiviual demographic demands, based on water access.

As Americans, we are giant consumers of this natural resource.  Today's technology provides us the opportunity to be creative and resourceful in finding alternative methods for water reuse.  First and foremost, we must educate ourselves on useage and recycling solutions, arriving at educated decisions for efficient and effective implementation. 

In a recent review of a cost comparison of water to energy and the future costs of these commodities the cost of water surpassed energy significantly. However it should be kept in mind that the ultimate difference between the two is that  water is a necessity for survival of all human beings.

To view cost comparison chart above, please click HERE

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