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November 2017

C Line Survey

Metro Transit wants to know what you think about our bus service. Our focus is Route 19; both riders and non-riders are encouraged to complete the survey. Results will help inform planning decisions for bus service related to the C Line rapid bus project. We will share our initial service recommendations at a public open house this winter.

Click here to take the C Line Survey.

Enhanced security amenities along the C Line

C Line customers will benefit from enhanced security features that come with rapid bus stations. The forthcoming C Line will largely replace Route 19 along Penn Avenue between downtown Minneapolis and Brooklyn Center Transit Center.

Just like the A Line—Metro Transit's first rapid bus line, which opened in 2016—the C Line is designed with larger platforms, fewer stops and with station amenities that mirror light-rail stations, like pre-boarding fare payment machines.

Since bus drivers won't be collecting fares on the C Line, plain clothes and uniformed Transit Police officers will be assigned specifically to board the C Line and check fares.

"The C Line's design alone enhances the perception of safety on the route," said Metro Transit Police Deputy Chief AJ Olson.

Olson added that policing resources and staffing along the C Line will be continually assessed and geared toward the specific needs of the corridor. He said the highly-effective North Side Community Policing Team, which currently patrols neighborhoods along the current Route 19, will continue once the C Line is operational.

Photo of North Side Community Policing Team speaking with business owner

              Photo of North Side Community Policing Team speaking with business owner

Transit Police created the North Side beat three years ago to respond to increased assaults on operators on Route 19 and gun violence in North Minneapolis. The North Side officers meet with neighborhood residents, businesses and elementary schools to build community partnerships. They also regularly board buses and respond to emergencies as part of their patrol responsibilities.

"Since the North Side Community Policing Team has been deployed, we've seen a noticeable difference on the number of emergency calls in the area," Chief John Harrington said.

Additional security features on the C Line include:

A safe, well-lit environment
• C Line customers will notice more lights and brighter bulbs at C Line stations.

Security cameras
• Security cameras are key to Metro Transit's crime prevention
strategy and will be installed at all C Line stations.

Emergency telephones
• An emergency telephone will be available at each C Line station with a 24/7 connection to Metro Transit security.

Photo of emergency telephone

Photo of an emergency telephone

Photo of a security camera in a shelter

Photo of a security camera in a shelter

Improved C Line stations a step up from Route 19 bus stops

A Line Ford and Fairview Station Platform

                                            The A Line Rapid Bus Snelling & Grand Station in St. Paul

Rapid bus stations are treated with similar priority to the METRO Green and Blue light rail lines, so stations along the rapid bus C Line will be larger, cleaner, brighter and more comfortable for customers.

Just like the current rapid bus stations on the A Line along Snelling Avenue in St. Paul, each C Line station will include:

Stations with shelters, heat, light and pre-boarding payment machines

  • C Line rapid bus stations will all have convenient pre-boarding payment machines and Go-To Card readers.
  • Shelters will be provided at nearly every station. During the winter months, overhead heaters will provide warmth to customers waiting at C Line stations.
  • C Line station platforms will be about 60 feet in length, longer than a typical bus stop. This extra space means that platforms will have room for a bench, lighting, bicycle parking and electronic kiosks with real-time scheduling information.
  • The larger platforms are designed to allow customers to board through any door onto the C Line's high-capacity buses, which are longer than a typical bus and have three doors instead of two.

Daily maintenance and trash collection

  • Routine maintenance will be focused on the C Line stations.
  • Enhanced trash and recycling options will be available at each C Line station to encourage customers to properly dispose of their trash.

Snow removal

  • Enhanced snow removal services are planned for C Line stations to improve the customer experience and maintain safe all-door boarding year-round.
  • Snow removal will include shelters and the platform, designated by darker concrete. Visit metrotransit.org/snow for more information regarding Metro Transit’s snow removal procedures.