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SmugMug’s Events feature makes it so easy for clients to enjoy their photos, they’ll share the love with you. Gather all the galleries you want and share them with a single link, then let the bride, her mom and Aunt Marge pick, choose and buy their favorites.

You can also gather email addresses from wedding guests, helping you keep in touch and sell more.  All this and more is already built right into your SmugMug Business account.

SmugMug Tips and Tricks

Print your heart out

Love your lab and don’t want to switch? You’re in luck! We may already be friends with them. Let these four famous labs fulfill your orders. Read More »

LR + SM 4EvR

Pair up Lightroom and SmugMug and what do you get? A match made in heaven, and a faster, easier, more enjoyable workflow for you. Read More »

Love never fades... with photo albums

Relive the romance year after year with gorgeous, easy, custom-made Zookie Pro or ZOHO Designs albums. They’re built right into your gallery’s Buy button. Read More »

Photo Tips and Tricks

Not your father’s photography business

Photo educator and pro wedding shooter Lee Morris discusses the challenges of the changing photo business—and how it affects you. Do you have what it takes to keep the money rolling in?

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ClubSmug Offers


SnapKnot helps brides everywhere find the perfect wedding photographer. Are you on the list? Boost your business and save 50% off a 3-month Diamond membership with this exclusive code: SMUGMUG3

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