Dina Rao - NEW SINGLE - Every Little Piece of Me
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Dina Rao - Every Little Piece of Me

Hello and Happy Holidays!

If you received an email yesterday, apologies for the broken link. This email has working links! Sorry about that.

I’m excited to announce that we are FINALLY releasing the much anticipated dance single and remixes that we have been seemingly working on forever: 
Every Little Piece of Me. 


A while back, Aaron Walz and I were given a song to consider recording. Not gonna lie, Aaron had to talk me into it. I wasn’t as sold as he was, but after re-writing lyrics and reworking the song to work for my voice and style, I was happy with it. During our recording sessions, he pulled some serious vocals out of me.

Then it was passed on to the remixers...

I have a thing for Donna Summer, and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing when Aaron played me Jesse Maxi Holt’s version (Von Fürstenberg Disco Radio Edit). It blew my mind. It’s so retro! So…Donna! The detail he put into this mix is incredible- so good in fact, that we added the instrumental to the release as well!

Then there is Wolfram Dekkti’s two versions (formerly of Tommy Boy Records and producer of singer Amber) - the first (IUUI mix) is what made me fall in love with the song. I still remember hearing it for the first time- the delicious, moody ache he put behind the lyrics just took my breath away...  And of course, Walz Music & Sound (and subsidiary publishing company, Light Soul Publishing) is quite fond of dance music, and Wolfram didn’t disappoint (Pathos V2 Club Mix)! 

Now, what we need from YOU is some major buzz and publicity! Please download your copies of “Every Little Piece of Me” from iTunes or Amazon and gift it to your friends and family for the holidays! Also gift it to your favorite DJ’s and let’s get it in the clubs and  venues! Post links and information on Facebook and Twitter. We are extremely proud of these mixes, and want everyone to hear them. Aaron told me this is his favorite dance single he has ever produced and it has major potential to get attention, so let’s see what we can do! 

Speaking of which, special thanks to my dear friend and producer Aaron Walz for making it all happen, once again!

I guess everyone needs a little push once in a while! ;-)