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eNews 20 June 2019 Issue


Inside this issue:

Expression of Interest for High Performance Hub

For anyone interested in becoming a full-time member of the HPH you can now self-nominate at any time, through the online portal which can be accessed HERE.

The portal also provides access to an FAQ document that addresses the purpose of the Hub, and what it is, and what it is not.

A must read for anyone interested in high performance taekwondo.

Ageless Taekwondo - Taekwondo for Older Australians


The Ageless Taekwondo Program is off to a great start with over 20 instructors currently completing the online course with 5 already accredited. Some of the benefits to becoming accredited include:

  • access funding supprort for equipment purchase and room hire
  • contribute to the reduction of chronic disease and falls prevention in Older Australians
  • the program development has been overseen by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with an evidence based approach linked in to all elements of the program
  • access to locally targeted communication resources in the instructor guide
  • ongoing promotion of your Ageless Taekwondo classes by Australian Taekwondo

If you are interested in becoming accredited please email or read the program information HERE.



Busy Competition Schedule

Australian Taekwondo has a very busy schedule of competitions lined up in the next three months. We commence next week with the Oceania President's Cup, Oceania Para Championships and the Australian Open, which has attracted entries from some almost 45 countries and over 1,500 competitors, coaches and officials across the three days.

We are also pleased to announce below our five international teams that will be competing across Junly and August.

2019 World Universiade

The World Universiade is being contested in Naples, Italy and UniSport Australia has accepted Australian Taekwondo's following Team nominations.

Female Athlete Division Club State
Tamzin Christoffel -49 One Taekwondo School Qld
Kyah English 49-53 Melbourne Taekwondo Centre Vic
Jessica Borg 53-57 One Taekwondo School Qld
Tayla Nolte 57-62 City West Taekwondo Vic
Chelsea Hobday -73 Tan's Currumbin Qld
Male Athlete      
Presley Johnson -58 Tan's Currumbin Qld
Alex Sootho   Musa Taekwondo NSW
Name Division Club State
Elena Zhao Inividual Female King Tiger NSW
Hoang An (Andy) Pham Individual Male King Tiger NSW
Elena Zhao Mixed Pairs King Tiger NSW
Hoang An (Andy) Pham King Tiger NSW
Yukyung Song   Song's Taekwondo Vic


2019 Oceania Championships and Pacific Games

The 2019 Pacific Games and Oceania championships will be contested in Apia, Samoa 16-19 July 2019.

Athletes qualified for the Team through a selection event held in Liverpool, NSW on the weekend of 8 June, and from there were nominated to the Australian Olympic Committee for inclusion of the Australian Pacific Games Team.

For Tamzin Christoffel and Chelsea Hobday it will be a very tight schedule, as both girls will arrive back in Australia from the World Universiade and then fly out to Samoa for the Pacific Games and Oceania  Championships.

Female Division Club State
Serena Stevens -46 Global Martial Arts NSW
Tamzin Christoffel 46-49 One Taekwondo School Qld
Yasmna Hibic 49-53 Notorious Martial Arts Vic
Carmen Marton 53-57 MTC Knox Taekwondo Vic
Rebecca Murray 57-62 Edge Taekwondo Qld
Ruth Hock 62-67 Adelaide Taekwondo Academy SA
Chelsea Hobday 67-73 Tan's Currumbin Qld
Reba Stewart 73+ Hall's Taekwondo Vic
Male Division Club State
Mackenzie Singleton -54 Notorious Martial Arts Vic
Safwan Khalil 54-58 Global Martial Arts NSW
Damon Cavey 58-63 Whiteway's Taekwondo SA
Thomas Afonczenko 63-68 Notorious Martial Arts Vic
Leon Sejranovic 68-74 Notorious Martial Arts Vic
Jack Marton 74-80 MTC Knox Taekwondo Vic
Alan Salek 87+ Elite Taekwondo Vic
Team Staff      
Head Coach Ali Khalil Global Martial Arts NSW
Coach Ryan Carneli Notorious Martial Arts Vic
Coach Dianne Carn Iron Tiger Taekwondo NSW
Coach Jerry Moraitis Hall's Taekwondo Vic


2019 Korean Open Team

A group of our elite athletes will also be competing at the Korean Open between 5-10 July and then head back to Australia to fly out with the Australian Pacifc Games team to Samoa for the Pacifuc Games and the Oceania Championships.

Female Division Club State
Stacey Hymer 53-57 Notorious Martial Arts Vic
Ruth Hock 62-67 Adelaide Taekwondo Academy SA
Reba Stewart 73+ Hall's Taekwondo Vic
Male Division Club State
Bailey Lewis 54-58 City West Taekwondo Vic
Damon Cavey 58-63 Whiteway's Taekwondo SA
Thomas Afonczenko 63-68 Notorious Martial Arts Vic
Arash Mozhdeh 74-80 Mozhdeh Taekwondo Vic
Team Staff      
Coach Karim Dighou    


2019 Cadet World Championships Team

Following a selection event held in Brendale, Queensaland on 6 April 2019, the following athletes qualified in their respective weight categories for the Australian Team to contest the 2019 Cadet World Championships, which will be held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan from 7-10 August 2019.

A training camp wull be held for the Team at the Melbourne High Performance Hub on 6 July 2019.

Female Division Club State
Amber Carter -29kg Martial Fitness Australia Vic
Claire Sardana -33kg Joon No's Taekwondo Vic
Maddison Camillo -37kg Mozhdeh Martial Arts Vic
Tiarnagh Sweeney -41kg One Taekwondo School Qld
Giuliana Masiello -44kg Impact Martial Arts ACT
Avalon Frezza -47kg Impact Martial Arts  ACT
Katinka Penketh -51kg Edge Taekwondo W.A. WA
Hannah Kiefer -55kg Musa Taekwondo NSW
Selma Halilovic -59kg ATI Martial Arts WA
Male Division Club State
Aikan Granier-Ameur -33kg One Taekwondo School Qld
Jackson Lobb -37kg Notorious Martial Arts Vic
Dylan Unkles -41kg Notorious Martial Arts Vic
Xavier Nikolovski -45kg Notorious Martial Arts Vic
Damon Motta -49kg Notorious Martial Arts Vic
Jamie Cefai -53kg Notorious Martial Arts Vic
Matthew Summerfield -57kg French's Martial Arts WA
Baxter Poulson -61kg French's Martial Arts WA
Mitchell McGuire -65kg Edge Taekwondo Qld
Angus Tranter +65kg Notorious Martial Arts Vic
Team Staff  
Team Manager/Head Coach Ryan Carneli Notorious Martial Arts Vic
Coach Danny Crkvencic Impact Martial Arts ACT
Coach Allan Malachowski Martial Fitness Australia Vic
Coach Sadhbh Sweeney One Taekwondo School Qld
Coach Carol Hunter-Lange Edge Taekwondo W.A. WA
Coach Will Afonczenko Notorious Martial Arts Vic


2019 Hanmadang

The Kukkiwon World Hanmadang will be held in Pyeong Chang from 26-30 July 2019.

The Hanmadang attracts many nations to the Kukkiwon's premier annual event and includes the tradtional forms of poomsae, spectacular freestyle events and breaking.

Name Division Club State
Tiffany Chiang Individual Female Halls Taekwondo Vic
Madison Houston Individual Female Factor10 Martial Arts Qld
Sylvia Chiang Individual Female Halls Taekwondo Vic
Leah Park Individual Female Lee Taekwondo Chung Do Kwan NSW
Cheuk Chiang Individual Male Halls Taekwondo Vic
Barry Jordan Individual Male Master Barry Jordan Taekwondo Academy NSW
Minseung Choi Individual Male Song's Taekwondo Vic
Robin Park Individual Male Lee Taekwondo Chung Do Kwan NSW
Ronald Bergan Individual Male Him Do Tae Kwon Do Academy NSW
Name Division Club State
Tiffany Chiang High Jump Kick Halls Taekwondo Vic
Cheuk Chiang Fist Halls Taekwondo Vic
Ronald Bergan Fist Him Do Tae Kwon Do Academy NSW
Sylvia Wing Kam Knife Hand Halls Taekwondo Vic
Team Staff      
Barry Jordan Coach Master Barry Jordan Taekwondo Academy NSW
Minseung Choi Team Manager Song's Taekwondo Vic


June Events

If you are going to the action packed three day international events on the Gold Coast later this month, beat the crowds and pre-purchase your tickets online HERE.

With athletes from 46 countries, represented by 16 National Teams and 133 clubs from 99 regions, the events will be the largest ever gathering of poomsae and kyorugi athletes in the Oceania region.

Key events from 27-29 June at Cararra Indoor Stadium on the Gold Coast

1. 27th June Oceania President's Cup - Kyorugi (G2) and Poomsae (G2)
2. 28th June Australian Open Poomsae
3. 28th June Oceania Open Para-Championships Kyorugi (G4/G2)
4. 29th June Australian Open Kyorugi (G2)

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