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Inquiry-based learning is a familiar term to Australian educators. Inquiry methods and skills are a key part of the Australian Curriculum design, and provide contexts for students to question, analyse and resolve challenges through authentic learning opportunities. Ultimately, inquiry learning aims to build self-directed learners who have the capacity to apply critical thinking skills and knowledge in a range of situations in their everyday world. Scootle provides a wide range of inquiry-based units of work, interactives and students activities across the learning areas.

A magnified view of a number line shows a section divided into 10 parts. An arrow indicates a point on the line that is 7th interval along. A question mark sits above this point. The number line has no values stated but shows graduations divided equally into 8 parts. The magnified view is of the 2nd and 3rd intervals of this number line.

Thought-provoking maths – new in Scootle

The Thought-provoking maths learning sequences take a maths by inquiry approach, and cover a variety of topics for a range of year levels across F–10. The sequences use a mix of hands-on learning tasks and digital resources from Scootle and elsewhere.

Thought-provoking maths includes:

  • a provocation to stimulate student thinking around a concept
  • resources that provide students with skill practise or allow them to experiment, investigate or problem-solve
  • some ideas or a specific task to enable students to represent their learning
  • links to the Australian Curriculum and the Mathematics proficiencies.

You can find these learning sequences by searching for ‘Thought-provoking maths’ within Scootle.

Looking for inquiry in other subjects? Try these search terms: Inquiry; Problem solving; Thinking; Research questions.


Suggested Resources

Suggested Resources

Early Years

Fun with numbers
This learning sequence encourages students to explore numbers 1-10 through online activities and hands-on play.

Middle Years

Compare and order decimals
Students will develop fluency in number operations involving decimals, and apply their understanding.

Upper Years

What is trigonometry and where would you use it? This learning sequence has been created for students in years 9-10.

Learning Path - August 2016

Learning Path

What's New in Scootle?
Maths inquiry units; technologies focused agriculture units and videos; civics and citizenship resources; and an HPE focused resource.

Watch This

Historical inquiry skills
This short video summarises the inquiry process for historical research: engage, explore, explain, elaborate and evaluate.

Mobile App

Journey through time and discover changes to the Earth from 4.5 billion years ago, to today. Includes teacher guide and tutorial.


myfuture Career Bullseyes

If your students are having difficulty trying to relate maths to occupations, the new digital Maths Career Bullseye will help them to understand the level of education they will require to achieve their aspiration. There are 33 learning areas to choose from, all with interactive links direct to the occupation profiles which provide information about the role, the courses into it, and the prospects for employment.

myfuture Bullseye - Maths

Visit the myfuture website to find out more.


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