Your Thoughts on Our Strategy

An opportunity for each of you to speak into the Micah Network Strategy development process!

Our International Board will meet in January 2013 to discuss the future priorities of Micah Network and we need to hear from you to help inform this process.

The following three questions are being sent to all our members and contacts to answer and return to by 14th December 2012. Simply copy and paste the three questions below  into a reply e-mail and write your answers below each question. Thank you in advance for taking the time to reply and share your thoughts.

1. What has Micah Network done over the last few years that your organisation has valued?

2.  What value does your organisation place on each of the current activities of MN?
a. Promoting Integral Mission
b. Equipping / capacity building of members
c. Providing networking opportunities for members

3. What would you like from the Micah Network in the future that would enrich the application of Integral Mission in your organisation?

Please feel free to add further feedback which you feel is important for us to have.

Input is being drawn from:
1. Review of the Micah Declaration on Integral Mission held in June 2011
2. 5th Global Consultation held in Thun, Switzerland in September 2012
3. The current Micah Network Strategy
4. This member wide questionnaire
5. The regional and national coordination group survey

Thank your for sharing the journey

Sheryl Haw
International Director