We’re dedicating our newsletter today to unplugging and reflecting in this Age of Distraction.

Why? The Conversation US staff spent yesterday in our annual retreat doing those two things – unplugging and reflecting – and it seemed an apt time to mine our story archives for important research on the value and consequences of occasionally putting down the screens and making time to connect with the people around us.

For our staff, yesterday gave us precious time to recommit to our mission of democratizing knowledge, build relationships among colleagues from remote locations and set organizational goals.

We hope you find inspiration in the stories we’ve chosen to plan your next escape from distraction.

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Small device, but very demanding. aciej_ie/flickr

The value of unplugging in the Age of Distraction

John Rennie Short, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

With our busy lives, it’s worth recalling the value of disconnecting and perils of multitasking in our digitally distracted lifestyles.

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