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Newsletter Issue 18
November 5, 2015

Experience BuildingLink . . . In Three New Languages!

Citizens of the world — welcome, bienvenidos, bienvenue, and 欢迎你们! Later this month, your managers, employees, and residents will be able to experience BuildingLink in THREE new languages. We now have Spanish, French, and Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional) in addition to English. Our team of dedicated translators is adding the finishing touches to make sure that BuildingLink is inviting and easy to use — in whichever language you feel most at home.

And even if you speak only English, you can still enjoy our new BuildingLink language selector during your down time — just jump to a new language you’d like to learn! We can’t guarantee, though, that the new BuildingLink vocabulary you’ll learn will be suitable for non-BuildingLink situations. For example, if your Parisian lover tells you, “Je t’aime,” the most suitable response is probably “I love you too,” not “I’ll log in and make a guest suite amenity reservation for two!”

Click "Learn More" for info about our processes and other languages:


Our Emergency Broadcast System, Made Even Better!

When sudden emergencies pop up, remember that our efficient Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) is always prepared, ready to spring into action to help you manage critical communications.

Our EBS system stays out of sight when you don’t need it, but it doesn’t stay out of mind — at least not out of the minds of our programmers. They’ve been working hard to make the latest round of enhancements, like the much-requested SMS text message feature, to ensure that our EBS continues to deliver the most when it matters the most.

Click "Learn More" for a list of enhancements:


Resident Passports & Papal Visits – a match made in Heaven?

Creating 1,000 BuildingLink Resident Passport cards in 7 days is no easy task! Here's the story: one week before the arrival of Pope Francis in NYC, two large and high-profile buildings near St. Patrick’s Cathedral called us asking for Resident Passports (branded photo ID cards for residents), citing the need for heightened security measures during the Pope’s potentially chaotic visit. Throngs of people swarmed the area, and these buildings needed a better, more secure way for residents to pass police security and gain access to their homes.

We dropped everything and delivered, getting over 1,000 ID cards designed, ordered, and delivered in time for Pope Francis’ visit. The moral of the story: if you’re in a bind and need a fast technological solution, give us a call. We'll do our best to help you.


Thanks to You, We’ve Hit a Few High Notes

We’re humbled and exhuberant. Why? Because on October 16th, we hit a soaring high note: our 3,000th BuildingLink customer! As an added bonus, we now have over 650 KeyLink customers using our innovative key tracking solution.

And we have you, our loyal subscribers, to thank. Without the courage and insight of every manager, board member, and staff member who recognized the immense value in our products, we wouldn’t be in the rhythm that we are today.

We took a few days to celebrate our accomplishment with a company-wide retreat at Mohonk Mountain House in New York’s Hudson Valley. No worries, though, we’re back, revitalized and ready to bring you more ingenious solutions — and milestones.

P.S.: If you’re a numbers person, head over to the counter on our public site's home page for an up-to-date tally of our subscribers.


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