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ELEMENTS - Dawnne McGeachy and Beth Robertson Fiddes.

2-15 November 2013Featuring now at Annan Gallery is a powerful series of paintings from  two Scottish artists who are driven by the elemental forces at work on the sea and on land.  Click on the flipbook catalogue to the left for an interactive view and a full story on their approach.

Dawnne McGeachy, winner of the 2013 Jolomo Bank of Scotland Award for Landscape Painting, is beguiled by waves and the boats that work the wild harvest below.

Her family's livelihood was based on the Campbeltown fishery.  The sea is in her blood and her paintings are a deep emotional response to the uncertainty of a fishing life.

Beth Robertson Fiddes paints from a studio in Wester Ross at the heart of her favourite locations - Assynt and the Inner and Outer Hebrides. Following her St Kilda series which we featured earlier this year, she turns again to familiar tramping grounds.

Beth's technique requires careful application of many thin layers of paint and glazes to capture the lucency of water, sea-still at slack tide as well as rough-tumbling in mountain streams.  Alongside these dynamic elements, she drapes the land and sky in moody colours to hint at the dramatic scenery that will stop you in your tracks.

Winter Show

16 Nov - 31 Dec 2013. An antidote to the cold dark days of Winter, this mixed exhibition rounds off a busy year with artwork selected for an emphasis on colour from Jane Blair, Jean Feeney, Ron Lawson, Georgie McMaster, John Lowrie Morrison, Peter Nardini and Jan Nelson along with fused glass work and sculpture.

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