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Email Update March 1st 2011



UK Government backs oil and mining transparency rules

The British government has announced that it will push for legislation at the EU level to force extractive companies to publish what they pay.  British chancellor George Osborne stated he believes ‘it is in everyone’s interest that mining companies and others operate to the highest standards’.  Vince Cable, Business Secretary, will lead the British government’s efforts at the EU. This development, coupled with Nicolas Sarkozy’s declaration he would ask the EU to legislate for transparency in the extractive sector ‘as soon as possible’ are very encouraging signs for the creation of transparency laws acorns Europe ‘which could help millions’.

Read PWYP’s press release here.

Following this exciting news, ONE has set up a petition to ask George Osborne to make a public declaration of publish what you pay legislation. Click here to sign! 

 Global Conference 2011 - Impact and Future

EITIAt the 5th EITI Global Conference in Paris on 2-3 March 2011, leaders from governments, companies and civil society organisations will meet to consider how and if EITI has led to improvements in their country and to shape the future of the EITI. Below we have highlighted some of the themes we are particularly excited about exploring this week. These will be elaborated in a PWYP paper issued at the opening of the conference.

#1: Improving the rigour of the EITI standard
#2:Translating transparency into accountability
#3:Nurturing the evolution of the EITI to ensure t remains relevant
#4:Reinforcing the EITI through financial reporting regulations
#5:Ensuring the EITI becomes self-sustaining and durable

For more information on all of these themes and events at the conference itself, don't forget to visit our site during the week.

Le pétrole ne coule pas pour les pauvres

Huit ans après la publication de la plaquette 'pour qui coule l'or noir au Congo-Brazzaville?' le Secours Catholique et les membres PCQVP du Congo Brazzaville ont publié un rapport sur la gestion du pétrole au Congo. Ce rapport parle des défis qui restent à affronter dans cette campagne, mais mentionne aussi les initiatives positives, donne un bilan de l'action conglaise Publiez Ce Que Vous Payez et présente une série de recommendations : destinées au gouvernement congolais, à la France et aux autres gouvernements du nord, aux institutions financières internationale, aux compagnies pétrolières et à la société civile congolaise et internationale. Ce rapprt a été presenté à Paris - à la veille de la conférence mondiale de l'ITIE - dans un débat qui a eu lieu à 18h au siège dy Secours Catholique.

Téléchargez le rapport ici.


New RWI webtool - EITI Reports - Results and Analysis

At the EITI Global conference RWI is introducing new web tools for viewing, sorting, comparing and analyzing data on EITI reports (

These simple tools -- still in their "beta" version -- enable custom country-to-country comparisons and present all the key findings of the research on EITI report quality conducted by RWI staff.

They have also been designed with a strong focus on ease of sharing online, "printability" and download of the data either as a full set or based on your custom views. One of the most important aspects of these tools is their high usability, online and offline, by all interested constituents, even those who are not web savvy. 

Job Opps

Revenue Watch Institute - Legal Assistant

RWI is seeking a Legal Assistant to primarily manage Revenue Watch contract drafting, review and processing. The Legal Assistant will be based in New York and will report to the Operations and Grants Manager and work closely with Revenue Watch's outside Counsel.
Start date: March 2011
Compensation: Commensurate with experience. Excellent benefits package.
Application deadline: March 18 2011
For more information and how to apply please click here

RWI - Research Coordinator

Revenue Watch seeks a Research Coordinator to be based in New York. Responsibilities include but are not limited to providing assistance during the ongoing methodological review of the Revenue Watch Index by helping coordinate external input, additional internal research and drafting updates to current methodology documents in coordination with RWI senior policy analyst.
Start date: ASAP
Compensation: Commensurate with experience. Excellent benefits package.
Application deadline: March 18 2011
For more information and how to apply please click here



Follow the global EITI Conference!

This week, we will be at the EITI global conference in Paris. We will be Tweeting the conference throughout, writing blog posts on events and uploading photos onto Flickr. Make sure to visit our site to keep up with developments at the conference, and post comments on the blogs to join in the debate! If you wish to contribute blog posts or photos, please email