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Westermo switches provide mission critical reliability below the oceans

Extracting oil and gas from subsea reservoirs is very challenging and requires sophisticated technology to ensure safe and efficient production. Subsea systems are constantly being developed and improved, and as a result, the boundaries at which reservoirs are considered economically unviable or inaccessible are continually changing. Improved data communications are playing an important role, providing operators with increased production, equipment health status and safety information, to ensure efficient and safe operation.

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Westermo has released a new version of its WeConfig network configuration management tool that enables significant time and cost savings to be made when configuring large data communication networks.

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New Application and Tech Notes

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Westermo Certified Engineer Training

Westermo currently offer two technical training courses. The purpose of these courses is to provide end users, sales or support engineers with a greater depth of knowledge of networking and the Westermo product range. A Westermo Certified Engineer will be more effective at solving network problems.

Westermo offer several courses during the summer and fall, please visit Technical training to view all available dates and register.