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Two Major Milestones Mark 5th Anniversary:

· Two million cardholders are now enrolled in the Program
· Cardholders have saved $100 million on their prescription medicines

Five Years in Review

"Over the past five years, we have learned a great deal about the uninsured population and how to effectively reach this diverse group of individuals. Powered by this knowledge, our Program is THE resource for helping hardworking Americans and their families take better care of their health, particularly in these challenging economic times."

Roba Whiteley, Executive Director of Together Rx Access


"The American Lung Association has had a long-standing commitment to saving lives and improving lung health by preventing lung disease. Because there are so many people in our country without health insurance — many of whom need prescription medications to prevent and treat lung disease — we recommend Together Rx Access to many of our members. It has been a pleasure working with you on building awareness for this important prescription assistance resource."

— American Lung Association

Your Voice Counts

Thousands of people continue to enroll in Together Rx Access® every week largely due to positive reviews of the Program’s ability to help uninsured individuals save on their medicines.

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