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From the GM - Kent Brown

Australia is playing cricket on the other side of the world, Port are looking good for September (at the time of writing) and there is a clink clink in the air as the Brass Monkeys drop them.... it must be winter again. It's been another busy period at WineWorks over the last three months as we continue to strive to deliver the best possible logistics package to the Wine Industry.

On the home front we have been very busy moving wine around Australia and the world and ensuring your product gets where it needs to be on time and in best condition possible.

If you haven't seen the new WineWorks truck around the place keep an eye out as with its blue cab and trailer it certainly stands out, if you haven't seen it please give our transport team a call.

On a personal front it has been great to get out lately and catch up with most of you. I have been spending a good amount of time in the Clare Valley and Coonawarra catching up with some great wineries out there as well a sampling the odd glass or two (all part of the job). Looking forward to getting up to the Riverland and the Barossa in the next month to see what has been going on in these areas as well our regular visits to McLaren Vale and the Adelaide Hills.

If you haven't visited our website lately please hop on and have a look at as we have recently upgraded our site with more information on our services as well as a little bit about our staff and how we deliver the best possible service to you each and every time. We will also be upgrading our online stock management system is the following months to continue to provide you with the best and most up to date way to manage your supply chain needs with increased visibility as well as the ability to 'talk' to your internal accounting and stock systems.


The Importance of Storing Your Wine In The Right Conditions

At WineWorks we pride ourselves on delivering your wine to your customer as your winemaker intended. A large part of this is ensuring your wine is stored the optimal conditions to guarantee that its quality is not compromised. Be it Winter Summer Spring or autumn, there are natural fluctuations in temperature that can affect the integrity of your product if not stored in the correct conditions. Whilst small variations in temperature of 2-3 degrees over a larger period of time will have no effect on the wines quality. Spikes in temperature either way as the result of extreme heat or cool nights will over time produce results that will compromise the taste and balance of the wine.

With latest figures showing a majority of wineries at any one time will be holding over $3m worth of stock this a important part of the supply chain process that needs to be examined.
You wouldn't want your distributor storing your wine in a tin shed in the middle of summer just like you wouldn't hold your stock in the boot of the car.

At Wine Works we maintain temperatures throughout our warehouses between 15-17.5 degrees all year round to ensure that your wine is served in the best possible fashion with a view to your client buying another bottle next weekend. Much like customer service the bad wine will be a hotter topic of conversation that the great one you had the week before.
As important as selecting the best grapes, having the most attractive (or interesting) packaging and ensuring you market your wine to the best of your ability, correct wine storage is a key ingredient in ensuring your end consumer receives the wine as you intended and more importantly tells their friends and comes back for more.

For more information on WineWorks temperature controlled storage please contact Kent or Kayla on 08 8382 8882


Department Updates


With the new financial year already started, now is a good time to look at ways to reduce your storage costs. Do you have dry goods that you are not going to use, have changed printing or just not enough quantity to do a bottling run? Now is a good time to look at disposing of these items, they may be costing you more in storage than what they are actually worth. Another way to save on storage costs is to remove those last few cartons or bottles of a vintage/wine. By transferring these bits and pieces to your cellar door, you may be able to reduce several pallet spaces in storage fees. It’s the perfect time to get your stock in order before the summer rush hits!


The ever changing Export market has opened up more consolidated packing direct from the warehouse! With this under our belt, it gives piece of mind that your wine is packed in the best condition, as well as saving the cost of transporting the wine elsewhere to be packed. If your freight forwarder isn’t already packing with WineWorks, now might be the time to give them a call.


Thanks to everyone’s increased orders, we will be keeping the reduced rate for 12pk carton sticker printing. My goal is to have the same result for printing overstickers over the next 6-12 months to help serve you better! Just a friendly reminder when booking rework, it is a good idea to schedule the work 1-2 weeks prior to dispatch - where possible, due to current waiting times.


Simon and Jo have been kept busy with transport this season with record numbers being reached. We would like to congratulate all clients on their sales in this increasingly tough market and looking forward to working through the upcoming bottlings and Christmas rush.