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If you’re about to have breakfast, you may want to wait until you’ve read this article. A new study suggests you can lose body fat simply by eating breakfast 90 minutes later than usual and dinner 90 minutes earlier – without changing the number of calories you consume. Jonathan Johnston and Rona Antoni explain the new science of chrononutrition and how to take advantage of your circadian rhythm.

The Bible provokes endless debate about the historical accuracy of the events it describes, but one mystery may surprise you: we know astonishingly little about what the first single collection of the Old Testament and New Testament was like. Here’s Tomas Bokedal’s take on the best information available.

Over the past 50 years as Brazil has made itself a major player in the global agribusiness, its own indigenous Kaiowá and Guarani people have been driven from their ancestral lands. Visiting earlier this year, Francesca Fois and Silvio Marcio Montenegro Machado saw firsthand how people had been driven to living on roadsides, and threatened daily by violence and toxic pollution. Their witness statement is published on the same day as the formal start of Brazil’s election campaign. Anthony Pereira looks at the state of the political landscape and sees all the hallmarks of a democracy fraying after years of corruption, recession and malaise.

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Delay eating breakfast and eat dinner early if you want to lose body fat – new study

Jonathan Johnston, University of Surrey; Rona Antoni, University of Surrey

When you eat is as important as what you eat. The mounting evidence for chrononutrition.

Kaiowá and Guarani protecting their lands on a possible eviction day, March 2018.

Blood in bio-ethanol: how indigenous peoples’ lives are being destroyed by global agribusiness in Brazil

Francesca Fois, Aberystwyth University; Silvio Marcio Montenegro Machado, Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Bahia

In the name of global development, the silent genocide of one of Brazil's largest ethnic groups is taking place.

Awaiting revelation. Africa Studio

What was the first Bible like?

Tomas Bokedal, University of Aberdeen

The curious case of Bible #1, and how much we actually know about it.

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