Did you lock the door?

We know it's not the sexiest topic, but security's our priority and it should be yours, too. While you're busy snapping away, be sure to check in on your gallery settings to be sure that you're not exposing something that should be private.

Get the skinny on SmugMug's many privacy settings and how they work for you.

SmugMug Tips and Tricks

Spread the love (easily)

Forget lists: Sharegroups let you share tons of galleries with a single, easy-to-remember link, ensuring your friends don’t get lost on your website. Read More »

Go where the friends are

The world is waiting to see your photos! Try the  “Publish to Facebook” option in your gallery Tools button to copy photos from SmugMug directly into Facebook. Read More »

Love your workflow again

Pair up Lightroom and SmugMug and what do you get? A match made in heaven, and a faster, easier, more enjoyable workflow for you. Read More »

Photo Tips and Tricks

You’ll never learn in a silo

Have friends, will shoot! Google+ icon and world vagabond, Scott Jarvie, sheds light on how to plan a successful photo walk, and why getting out and shooting with people is good for the photo-soul.

Read More »

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