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GreenTree Landscaping

October 2011

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October Winter Storm Prep

Thanks to our first rain of the season, it definitely feels like Fall has arrived.  October is the month when GreenTree focuses on seasonal Winter storm prep tasks.  Here are our top recommendations for what you can do to get ready for more rain to come...

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1. Full Garden Mulching

Mulching in October helps prepare the garden for wonderful growth in the Spring by

  • Preventing weed growth during the rainy season
  • Helping regulate the soil's temperature during the highs and lows of Southern California's Winter
  • Putting important nutrients back into the soil.

We prefer mini bark mulch, with pieces about the size of a small coin. It has an attractive look, smells pleasant and allows water and nutrients to quickly penetrate the soil below.

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2. Surface Drain, Gutter and Sump Pump Clearing

These storm prep tasks are certainly not glamorous. But making sure they're done in October can help avoid very unpleasant flooding emergencies throughout the Winter. 

During the year it's easy for leaves and other yard debris to slowly clog up surface drains in patios, walkways and run-off channels. Left unchecked, exterior drain clogs can mean problematic flooding into houses, pools, and planters. Similarly, gutters and sump pumps are easy to ignore--until they overflow and wreak havoc.  

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3. Tree Trimming

It's important to trim and thin branches before the heaviest rains begin--making October the perfect month to complete this task.  Proactive tree trimming does two important things:  it sets up the best conditions for healthy tree growth in the Spring and it protects surrounding buildings and plant material from falling limb damage during severe weather.


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