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Summer 2016/2017

Spring finally arrived at Pennyroyal Farm....

Did Spring arrive, or have we missed it?  It seems that the weather has finally improved and that Spring has definitely arrived at Pennyroyal.  Hang on, isn't it Summer?  Well at least we are enjoying some milder weather, and our native garden is just flourishing.  It is also a real treat being so green at this time of year.  At Pennyroyal Farm we have a range of native plants that are all in bloom at the moment.  Most of our natives have been sourced by our local green thumb native experts at Otway Greening.

Out and About


The Otway Hinterland is real treasure trove for beer and wine connoisseurs. The Ranges are home to some of the best wineries and breweries that Victoria has to offer.  If you are visiting over the holidays, you will surely find a beer or wine for just about anyones palate providing a genuine taste of our region.

Blakes Estate

Blakes Estate is located in Deans Marsh, nestled in the foothills of the Otway Ranges. The winery is situated only 16 km from the coast near the town of Lorne and the Great Ocean Road. The close proximity to the coast ensures a warm summer and a long, dry autumn with temperatures modified by the maritime influence. This climate, together with the light, sandy, tertiary aged Otway soils are perfect for growing Pinot Noir vines in which the vineyard specialises.

The Blakes make a “Burgundy style” Pinot Noir and a “Champagne style” sparkling wine from their Pinot grapes. They also make a small volume of Rosé to compliment the other wines as well as a lovely Pinot Grigio. The vines are hand pruned, the grapes hand picked and the wine is hand made in the authentic French “Burgundian style”.

Gosling Creek Winery

Gosling Creek flows from the Great Otway National Park through fern gullies and picturesque rolling countryside to the Barwon River. The vineyard is located on the northern slopes, where the maritime influences of Bass Strait make an ideal location for cooler climate grapes

The Gosling Creek range of wines include a Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz Rose, Pinot Noir Rose, Sparkling Shiraz, Dolce and a Fortified Shiraz

Gosling Creek offers fantastic free music on Sunday afternoons as well as a light lunch menu.  Gosling Creek is family and pet friendly with free picninc and BBQ facilities.

Dinny Goonan

Dinny Goonan is a small award winning winery located on the Deans Marsh Road in Bambra.  The winery operates in an environmentally sustainable way and they offer an exceptional range of wines made from hand pruned and picked grapes.  Dinny Goonans' range consists of an elegant Shiraz, some of citrus inspired Rieslings, a crisp Semillon and Bordeaux style Cabernets.

Dinny Goonans' Cellar Door offers a lovely informal vineyard platter, great coffee and  of course a fantastic range of wines. 


Otway Artisan Gluten Free Bakery...... Birregurra

Did you know that Birregurra has a brand new gluten free bakery?  Well, brand new is not exactly true.  Otway Artisan Gluten Free is now homed in  the historical Birregurra Bank  Building circa1885.  

Otway Artisan Gluten Free are very proud and passionate about their products. Justin, the owner/baker understands the need to maintain a safe and clean dedicated gluten and wheat free environment. Only the finest ingredients are sourced and used in the production of their breads, and there are no animal fats or oils used. They use organic French yeast and locally sourced Birregurra olive oil to help give their breads that soft fluffy texture on the inside and golden crust on the outside.  

Otway Artisan Gluten Free is definitely worth a visit, not only for their delicious bread, but also for their delicious gourmet treats and great coffee!

Pennyroyal Farm has had some last minute availability for the silly season.  

  • Original Cottage : 26 - 29 December
  • Acacia Cottage : 27 - 30 December
  • Honeysuckle Cottage: 4 - 9 January
  • Banksia Cottage: 7 - 9 January
  • Vine Cottage: 2 - 6 January


Phone: 03 5236 3249


Pennyroyal Pet of the Season.........

Meet Charlie! What a cutie he is!    He is our Pennyroyal Pet of the Season!  Well done Charlie!  Thank you to Emma for bringing her beloved pooches Charlie and Tess to the Pennyroyal Farm. 

Charlie and Tess had a fabulous and relaxing time, and loved all the different places they could discover, if they chose too!  Charlie did most of the relaxing,, while Tess was far too busy checking out all the new smells to have her photo taken!

Charlie and Tess are very much looking forward to their next visit to Pennyroyal Farm.


Christmas lights, country style.  

Christmas is literally around the corner from the Pennyroyal Farm.  

Thank you to our neighbour on Pennyroyal Station Road for always spreading Christmas cheer. 

Pennyroyal Farm would love to wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year.


Upcoming Events...

  • 16  December - Red Dog: True Blue premiere at Lorne Theatre
  • 16 December - Martians Cafe - 7.30pm Daniel Reeves
  • 17 December - Carols on the Lorne 6.30pm
  • 18 December - Carols in The Marsh - 6pm
  • 18 December - 7 January - QDOS Arts - Exhibitions by Esther Elrich
  • 18 December - Gosling Creek Winery - Kara Backhous
  • 22 December - Carols by Candlelight - Anglesea
  • 27 December - Roo Run - Anglesea
  • 28 December - Rock to Ramp Run - Anglesea
  • 28 December - January 1 - The Falls Music and Arts Festival
  • 29 December - Cuda Bar - Lorne - 7.30pm Chris Wilson Blues
  • 30 December - Cuda Bar - Lorne - 7.30pm Victoriana Gaye Duo
  • 4 January - 26 March - Barwon Park Mansion - Night Life Exhibition
  • 6 January - Mountain to Surf Run
  • 7 January - Lorne Pier to Pub Swim
  • 7 January - Martians Cafe - 7.30pm Amadeous Wolf
  • 22 January - Martians Cafe - 3pm - The Cutting
  • 27-29 January - Cadel Evans Road Race
  • 28 January - Lorne Foreshore Market
  • 29 January - Martians Cafe - 3pm - Gypsy Smash & Jill Meehan