Minimize Start-up and maintenance spending with Premier Mounts’ innovative Video Wall Solution Center

Industry-first hands-on training tool offers a variety of installation configuration techniques

Fullerton, CA (February 12, 2013) – Premier Mounts, an internationally leading manufacturer of innovative mounting solutions, introduces an industry first today with their state of the art Video Wall Solutions Training Center.  Never before has the industry been offered hands-on training like this, available on site at the Premier Mounts Fullerton location. This all-encompassing display configuration stands 9’10.2” x 17’11.2” x 3’0.6” against a freestanding wood stud wall for a variety of hands-on installation scenarios.  Each column of the 5-panel apparatus demonstrates the various ways of supporting a video wall, including:

  • Wall Mounted
  • Floor Mounted
  • Floor to Ceiling Mounted
  • Ceiling Suspended
  • ​Curved Video Walls of Various Configurations

Curved Video Walls of Various ConfigurationsThe Video Wall Solutions Center also showcases various accessories integrated into the system, including in-wall gearboxes, media player gearboxes and cable-routing options. The LMV-configured Training Center also allows clients to see options for “recessed” installations where the wall surface is flush with the flat panel display, demonstrating the value of the push-in-spring-out technology of the LMV flat-panel video wall mount.  The Video Wall Solutions Center will also provide an in-depth understanding of system maintenance to enhance the total user experience.  


Deliver Industry-Topping Results

Installers are now able to receive hands-on training to ensure that expert-level techniques can be applied. With time-consuming maintenance becoming one of the highest costs involved with video wall projects, cut costs toward inexperience or lack of expertise with this training tool. Don’t send technicians to a job site with anything less than the utmost professional know-how, having gained that experience with this training simulation instead of trial-and-error live installs. Rich Pierro, general manager, Premier Mounts, knows first hand how important experience and expertise are, “One of the highest costs of a video wall installation is long-term maintenance. Limitations on service times and cost expenditures mean that it’s vital to perform fast maintenance with minimal manpower. Teaching installers to maximize the features of our video wall products provides valuable experience that would once have taken your time and experience, and incorporates OUR time and experience as a supplementary tool. We consider Customer Centricity to be the driving force behind everything we do, which is why we sought to strengthen our customer’s productivity with our innovative Video Wall Solutions Center.”

Gain Insight on Safety Standards and Techniques

Going back onsite to assess electronic or alignment error is costly for both the integrator and the end user. Ensure that corrections can be made in minutes with only one person by providing optimal training for fast access and repairs. Premier Mounts’ experts will not only share the knowledge gained by 35+ years experience in the industry, but also answer questions about irregular installation issues and following proper safety procedures.

Learn from Award-Winning Expertise

With awards ranging from Most Integrator-Friendly Product from Best of InfoComm to Excellence in Custom Installation Technologies & Products from Excite Custom Retailer, Premier Mounts engages only the finest in its team members. Take advantage of their fastidious selection by training under decades of expertise and technique.

About Premier Mounts

An internationally recognized leader in the development and delivery of innovative mounting solutions for more than 35 years, Premier Mounts provides state-of-the-art, top-quality mounting systems for A/V installations in any setting, no matter the challenge. From commercial to consumer settings, or universal to custom-made solutions Premier Mounts is committed to delivering the utmost in product quality and customer service by continually meeting the needs of our customers. For more information on Premier Mounts, please visit, or call (800) 368-9700.

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