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Club Night - Wednesday 14th August 2013

Matters arising from the Minutes.

The Fireman/First aider who Paul has been trying to come to a meeting to give a talk etc will probably not be able to attend until the Autumn now due to Holidays etc

The Slide School event has encouraged at least one attendee to purchase an off road bike and join the TRF.

The sales of the Honda 250cc trail bike seems to have taken off at Lings and Paul is keen to supply the purchasers, via the sales staff TRF leaflets as they are asking about places to ride.
Rupert said he would give some to Greens of Beccles if more can be obtained. Terry will try and obtain further supplies in time for the next meeting.


Terry received a phone call from someone called Wayne who is having difficulty registering on the web site. Rupert explained that we are still getting a lot of hackers and they may have been deleted in the process of dealing with the said hackers.

Rupert was going to change the web site to Google plus but that does not now seem a good idea and he will try to have an alternative web site up and running soon.

For more info see below.

Rights of Way Officer

Reggie informed the meeting that a trail we were concerned about near West Acre is a Restricted Byway. However, this was not the trail Terry was concerned about and Reggie agrees that one may well be a UCR.

The trail at North Lopham is being discussed at a meeting to be
held at the village hall where several trails are being looked at.

Ride Outs

Reggie has done several ride out on Thurs mornings  in Norfolk on trails that most of us do not use. Terry, Paul and Andrew did a ride out taking Steve on a short run to Brandon and back so he could try out his new Honda

New Website

Following the discussions at the last meeting the website has now been updated.

The main reason for this is to allow a more modern Content Management System as the previous version was becoming increasingly outdated and vulnerable to hackers. The new forum also allows images to be uploaded to the posts.

It is still on the original domain - www.norfolktrf.org.uk

Unfortunately, as it is a totally new system, it will mean re-registering on the forum. I have set it up with the same categories including the ride-outs being for registered users only.

Any other Business

Rupert advised us of the many benefits of a speed awareness course!

It was felt that maybe we could do more stands next year, but only if
more members were to help man it etc.

Terry asked if members thought that the news letter was worthwhile, and the general opinion was, yes it is.


No raffle was held.

Chairman's Comments

Nothing much to comment on this month. I was expecting  two articles to include in this newsletter but neither materialised, ho hum.

By the time this newsletter is received the new web site will be active and a big thanks to Rupert for his efforts.

I attempted a trial at West Raynham Sunday 1st September and was pleased to see several TRF members there and some past members, a very friendly event.

That's about it really see you all at the next meeting on the 11th September.

Terry Reeve Chairman

This newsletter is based loosely on the last meetings minutes which have not yet been approved and may contain inaccuracies.