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June 2014 newsletter

Wouldn't it be great if you could read people's minds about safety? You'd understand why they sometimes behave unsafely and could work together to keep everyone safe all the time. While predicting the future's impossible, learning from conversations about what matters to people comes pretty close. That's where British Gypsum are and they share their tips in the article below.

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Mark Ormond, managing director of JOMC

Harness the power of conversation-led culture change like British Gypsum

People talking

You might think reaching a zero-incident target means it’s time to crack open the champagne and relax, but that’s when the hard work really begins:

"It’s harder to design new safety initiatives when you hit zero because people aren’t getting hurt – so that information isn’t relevant anymore and you need to think more proactively."

Neil Proctor is head of safety at British Gypsum where his team looks after over 1200 employees at factories, mines, technical academies, R&D and corporate locations around the UK. Before their current engagement-led safety programme their legacy systems struggled to give a consistent view of safety within their maturing organisation.

"We’ve moved from reactive to preventative and now we’re focused on the proactive side of safety to push our incident rate deep underground... so it doesn’t rise back to the surface for a long time."

One highly effective way to shift people’s attitudes from reactive to proactive safety is through robust software that captures insightful data. When paired with practical training, the right system encourages better quality conversations and more staff involvement. That’s how British Gypsum maintain their zero LTA record.

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