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Birthdays. The start of a new year of life. A day to reflect on the year past and dream about the year ahead. A day where our years are translated into candles and we celebrate how life carries us through time and eat loads of frosting and cake. Preferably a very good chocolate cake.

Cupcake and confetti

This month, &yet will turn 7.

In this last septet of years so much has happened, it’s hard to believe! We’ve moved through four locations (five, if you count Adam’s house!) and seen our team grow from a single dreamer to a rag tag team of 30-something spread across the US and Europe. We’ve traveled the world and made the most incredible friends (like you!). We’ve built things. We’ve had our fair share of triumphs and tragedies. We’ve gained and lost. We’ve grown. These years have been fuller than we ever could have imagined and we’re celebrating all of it.

So, what will this next year bring? We can’t know for sure, but we’ve got plans and dreams and can’t wait to see it all unfold. We’re glad to have you along for the ride!


Lurid stories of &yet yore

Party Style Lynn

Lynn Fisher

Every year the team does a Thanksgiving lunch where each person talks about the things and people they are thankful for. This was my first year with the team and was able to participate from Phoenix via a laptop and Talky. Some of the stories were funny, all were heartfelt, and although it seems like just a small thing, it was really quite special.

Party Style Gar


The back of our parking lot ends abruptly with a 4 foot drop off a retainer wall. One day a yeti backed their car up juust far enough that one tire went over the small curb before said dropoff and got stuck. In order to get the car unstuck we had to lift it up about a foot to get the axle off of the curb. It was fun being able to say we’d lifted a car.

Party Style Philip

Philip Roberts

Before I was a yeti, Adam convinced me to come meet some of the team in Dublin as they were there (near Scotland where I’m from) running Brio. He promised to find me somewhere to sleep, which turned out to be sharing a room with Henrik and Hjon. Unfortunately, the hotel was all out of three-person rooms, so I said I’d just sleep on the couch, no big deal; or so I thought. The hotel staff were appalled: not because we hadn’t paid for three people - but because someone sleeping on a couch “was not the level of service they like to provide,” but they had no rooms so, whatever. I’ll never forget the look on the server’s face at breakfast when he asked for our room numbers and we said “Just 137.” “What?! Allll of you?!”

Party Style Jenn

Jenn Turner

When I joined &yet, it took me a while, actually a long time to find my place on the team. While I was trying to figure that out, I started sketching these little stick figure drawings of the yetis, because nothing makes me happier than getting a really good laugh out of people. Most of them were self-deprecating as I fumbled to figure myself out, but for the most part they were good for an internal team chuckle. As I did more and more of them, I called the comic series “anddoodles” which eventually I stopped doing, but lately I’ve started thinking about reviving them.


Here’s an exclusive look at some very behind-the-scenes stories (a few never before told!) recounted by yetis from the vaults of &yet’s history.

Seven years of &yet

Party Style &yet Stories Video

A day in the life

Party Style A Day at &yet Video


Celebrating makes us want to dance. How do you celebrate? We might share it in a future dispatch (just reply to this email).

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