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The Case of the Obese Chihuahua: a Lesson in Family Communication

About a month ago, we realized our dog Speedy was working the system. Between the nine of us, we hadn’t set a definite plan for who was feeding the dog his two times a day.  So a few of us went along and made our best guess at it, feeding him when he looked hungry standing near his empty dog food bowl.

Then one day it dawned on me as Chris came in the door from work, found Speedy standing by his empty bowl, put food in Speedy’s bowl and said, “Poor Speedy, no one ever feeds you” (I just had!), I knew this had happened before more than once.

And we wondered why our little Chihuahua’s girth was growing in spite of regular evening walks! The problem was we weren’t communicating and we didn’t have a plan.

Thus, the sign…

One side covers breakfast, and the other dinner. Problem solved with one little sign.

That got me thinking. How many times in our families do we have frustration, confusion, uncertainty, things going on that we don’t want to happen, and unmet expectations simply because we haven’t taken the time to communicate?

A few tips for better family communication:

• Set a time to regularly sit with your husband and discuss the upcoming week and plans. This is huge and saves a lot of frustration and family mishaps. Consider syncing electronic calendars.
• For jobs that many people share, make a sign.  Due to lack of signage, our dirty dishwasher was unloaded a couple of times by kids taking the initiative in the morning…when I had forgotten to start it the night before! (Ewww!)
• Before doing new things, take the time to explain to the kids what to expect and also what you expect of their behavior. It’s only fair, and it puts you in a position of confidently administering consequences if the behavior is not met.
• Sit at the dinner table with your family at least 4-5 nights a week. Ask questions like “What was your high/low from today?” The power of the family dinner is seriously underrated.
• When patterns in the family need to be readjusted, sit down and have a family meeting to talk it through. Don’t ignore issues because the patterns will only become more ingrained and accepted.

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