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Search Warrants on Prohibited Dog Tracking Devices

Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) recently executed three search warrants on three different premises.  The warrants specifically targeted the use, supply, distribution and importation of prohibited dog tracking devices. More than 40 prohibited dog tracking devices were found.

The file relating to this case has now been referred to the Crown Solicitors with a view to possible prosecution. Penalties of up to $30,000 per offence would be applicable.

You can talk to RSM about dog tracking collars and other prohibited equipment on free phone 0508 RSM INFO (0508 776 463) or email us on info@rsm.govt.nz.

View the Radiocommunications Regulations (Prohibited Equipment – Dog Tracking Devices) Notice 2013.

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Outcomes of the “UHF Radiomicrophones: Opportunities for future use consultation”

The summary of submissions and final decisions on the “UHF Radiomicrophones: Opportunities for future use” consultation has now been published on the Radio Spectrum Management website.

This confirms the frequency limits and technical details for long term UHF Radiomicrophone use.

The Ministry will now implement the changes and begin a communications plan to ensure that affected parties are aware of the changes.

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Applications received for 3.5GHz local area licences

Applications have been received by the Crown Spectrum Asset Manager for licence lots for 3.5GHz local area FDD licences in the Crown 3.5GHz management rights. 

Since July 2013 allocation round four has been open for entities wishing to use these spectrum licences to apply for them on a contestable basis. If more than one entity applies for a licence it is allocated via an auction process. Applications are invited in response to those received from:

Netsmart Ltd for:

  • one lot in the Waipa District TLA area, Lot 504-WAP-1;
  • one lot in the Matamata-Piako District TLA area, Lot 504-MAT-2.

Swiftnet Ltd for:

  • one lot in the Napier City TLA area, Lot 504-NAP-2.

Read more information on the notification of 3.5GHz application.

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Managed spectrum park applications received

Applications have been received for access to radio spectrum in the 2.5 GHz managed spectrum park band.  Potential uses for this spectrum include wireless broadband services.

Since November 2010, parties interested in utilising this spectrum have been able to apply for access on a first-come, first-served basis, but with sharing processes required to be gone through by applicants.

Applications have been received by the Crown Spectrum Asset Manager from:

  • KiwiMax Ltd for additional licences with coverage in the Auckland Council TLA area; and
  • Wiz Wireless Ltd for licences with coverage in the Upper Hutt City Council TLA area.

Read more information relating to these applications in Notice 28 on the managed spectrum park section of our website.

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