Hurricanes are dangerous for all of the people in their paths, but they pose a special risk to the elderly living in nursing homes and assisted living. Many of these people are frail and have limited mobility. They can’t evacuate on their own.

So is it better for these elders to shelter in place or to evacuate? As Puerto Rico nervously watches the approach of Tropical Storm Dorian, University of South Florida scholars Lindsay J. Peterson and Kathryn Hyer write there are no easy answers.

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The nursing home in Hollywood Hills, Fla., where 12 people died after the center lost power from Hurricane Irma in 2017. mpi122/MediaPunch/IPX/AP Photo

Hurricane evacuation of nursing home residents still an unsolved challenge

Lindsay J. Peterson, University of South Florida; Kathryn Hyer, University of South Florida

Hurricane season presents special dangers for elders, particularly for those in nursing homes and assisted living centers. Research is trying to establish the best practices for evacuation.

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